Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 82 ~ Meeting with the Mission President

Wow mother, I am truly happy for all that you have done for those Elders. I am sure that I am blessed for how you treat them. That is just wonderful. 

Mother, I spoke with President this week and it was honestly one of the most touching and spiritual experiences that I have had in my entire mission. First off, he talked to me about how to put goals. He asked me a question, how did Joseph smith enjoy his time in prison. How did Moses enjoy taking the children of Israel out of Egypt, to which I responded that I thought they hated it. He talked to me about how while eating rotten poisoned food, Joseph got his best revelations. While helping the horrible people of Israel, Moses got to see God and was shown everything. God prepared these men, and while they suffered they got their best revelations. They were taught to pray differently, beg differently, fight differently.

I know mom that it is in the time when we are working and suffering that we are able to get out best blessings. I want to encourage you to pray differently, talk differently, be more sincere, put your goals, study your scriptures for these goals, because when things are the hardest if we do things better, we will be blessed. Remember the saviors commandment to be of good cheer. It is probably the most important of any commandment.

He then talked me about obedience. I went to that Rancho to baptize someone and I said I didn't feel bad about it. He then said if you don't feel guilty why did you tell me. And he said, you do feel guilty and guilt is a sign of sin, and I knew in my heart he was right. He helped me to not harden my heart. He asked me if we became happy by disobedience, and I said no. I know that happiness is not achieved that way, happiness is found through obedience. Its so very important. He told me that the reason I never felt happiness with baptisms is because I am not working for father in heaven. He said don't baptize just to baptize, baptize so that these people get home to Father in Heaven. When I start baptizing for him, I will start to find joy in the baptisms. 
(Marriage of Lorenzo and Francisca)

                                              (Baptism of Francisca and Jose)

He finally told me to never be satisfied, he helped me realize that each of us has a potential greater than what we know. Each of us will reach an accomplishment and then we need to go on working hard so that we reach the next level. I love you, and am very happy with everything that is going on here, I really want you to know that I am going to work hard and will see you soon.

Love Kevin

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