Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 83 ~~ Update on current Ward

Hi mother, I love getting to hear from you. I am very sad to hear about the deaths in the ward, I hope that you are doing alright Mom. 

So right now I just wanted to write about this ward mom and what I have done both good and bad in the past 4 months.

Noel-I found this ex-missionary when I saw a woman cutting her lawn with a machete and I walked over and started helping her, and he saw me and said hi to me. He has reactivated, and is 1st counselor in the elders quorum

Flor-This is the mom of two convert girls of about a year. Many missionaries had gone with her, but the day I passed with her, she decided to accept us. After leaving coffee she got baptized. Although she still has a hard time because her husband asks her to make him the coffee and she is afraid to tell him no, and sometimes cannot resist.

Edgar- A young 15 year old kid who I baptized that was golden. He was honestly wonderful and it is one of my goals to help him go on a mission. His mom puts up a lot of resistance to him doing things, but we help him overcome as best as we can.

Susanna- She is the mom of a recent convert who also left coffee. The main difference is that her husband is a member who has been progressively increasing in activity. They are from a small ranch and so not super educated, but really kind and loving and growing in their testimonies.

Lorenzo and Francisca- Lorenzo is Susanna´s brother. He drank like a fish and was living out of wedlock with Francisca. We taught them and helped them to overcome. They got married, and Francisca was baptized with her son Jose. Lorenzo is getting baptized this week. 

Chona- A lady about Grandma´s age, who has very little energy and lives alone, but who we helped come back to church. She is wonderful and was sealed at a younger age, but we just need to help her to stay excited.

Martha and Bryan- A mom and her son that we reactivated. She is super powerful spiritually and will totally be able to help her family for the rest of her life to stay firm. She is one of the best candidates to be a relief society secretary right now. 

Elizabeth Evelyyn and Julia-She is Martha´s neighbor and went to Bryan´s baptism and really loved it. She felt the spirit super strong and started to receive us. She was a little hesitant and it took a lot of patience, but we have gradually come to have really a truly great relationship. She and both her daughters got baptized, and are firm covenant keepers.

Antonia and Diana- A wonderfully kind woman, she is a little chubby, we found her, reactivated her, and baptized her daughter. We are working with her to keep her firm, but she is starting to weigh a little bit.

Pita- The ex-ward secretary who we have helped to bring back with his entire family. This guy is awesome, he just likes working on Sunday...which makes it hard.

I am out of time so I will write more next week! Love you!

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