Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 81~ Last Christmas in Mexico....More homemade cooking

Hi mom, so I will be speaking at 5 my time, which I think is 3 your time! I think I am going to talk to you on the tablet because it will be a little cooler. I love you very much I am very excited and hope that you enjoy my pictures!

Anyways, in regards to studying I hope that everything is going well and that you are going to have some success here in February, when you finish your test I will be really close to home.


 I honestly cannot believe that Lauren Benson is already getting married, that was extremely fast, I cannot believe how people are changing. That is super cool about Abbie, that is honestly a really big accomplishment for her, because it really is not easy at all. Its funny because had I not gone on a mission I would be graduating right now. I cannot believe that Meg and Kevin are married, it honestly seems like the world keeps changing and getting more and more different and I cannot believe it. Although it seems like all of the people and the life you are talking to me about isn't really mine. Like where I am right now is life, and I cannot imagine anything different. I love the people I am meeting, I love the people I am talking to and the people I am able to help. 

My companion and I are having really a month of miracles, this month we should honestly be able to get out 6 or 7 baptisms (a few more than I think we have back home). Do you know what I find really funny though mom, is that I have no idea what missionaries back home do all day. I honestly feel like they have so few baptisms, that I dont' know if they are walking around aimlessly in the street, or if they just give service, but its super weird. 


Other than that, I just wanted to tell you that I really am enjoying these things here. Our neighbors take such very good care of us, I really love them, they are super duper nice to us. In regards to the work, things keep going forward. Its funny because things just keep moving on here, we keep finding new investigators and keep baptizing the old ones. We married a couple this week. You need to understand that my companion and I pulled birth certificates out from puebla, cordova and the city of tierra blanca to marry some people. Its funny because of these places tierra blanca, where I am was by far the hardest to take out because they RAN OUT OF BIRTH CERTIFICATES (to get married here you have to have a certified birth certificate pulled out within 1 year of getting married). It is so hard sometimes Dad because I have seen that before every wedding (there will be another one tomorrow) there are fights, and sometimes pretty brutal fights before the wedding, so my companion and I have to counsel them and try and help them, and its so very hard to know what to say sometimes. Other times we have parents who simply dont know how to help their kids, and its so hard to know how to help them, how to guide them, how to teach them what they need in the Gospel. That being said I am so grateful because the gospel resolves so many of the problems we have. I really got to watch these couples change a ton! and its awesome because all we taught them was to study their scriptures, pray, and repent, and it made all the difference!


I am nervous because of what I am going to have to do here soon, when I go home, but I love my mission and am looking forward to seeing you soon


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