Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 84 ~ Saying Goodbye to a great Companion

Hi mother, I just wanted to talk about the rest of people that I have been working with because theyre really exciting me.

Fernando and Marcella- a young couple that we have helped to overcome some marrige difficulties. Fernando was a less active, and I really admire her because even though her husband didnt go to church she went, got baptized, all so that he would eventually decide to come! This past week he finally came and they are working on getting sealed.

Christian- An investigator that is really golden. He has some doubts, but he is a 20 year old college student that has gone to church 3 times, and wants to change from his christian religion.

Francisco- An artist that really wants to get closer to God. He has some doubts, especially about coffee, but he is slowly but surely moving along, he has 3 assistances so far.

Aaron and Lizet- They are a yuong couple that we are hoping to marry here super quickly. Aaron has dialysis, its a super common disease here, but he could honestly die here really quickly. Theyre super nice, and sell these things called frituras. 

Efrain-A young drug addict weve been working with, it is insane, I honestly cannot tell you just how much he looks like Chris Rock, its nuts, but we are trying to help him to give up his addictions. Its hard because his mom is so incredibly catholic that she makes things difficult at times.

I also kind of wanted to talk about some of the religious groups that are here

Pope Catholics- Follow the pope and are at church a ton, but often do not believe in the virgin. They tend to be more educated although tend to debate more.
Virgin Catholics- These tend to go to church often but are more interested in the cultural aspects. They tend to have a lot of parties, for just about anything. 
Creyentes Catholics (believers) These are just people who say they are catholic but only go to church on holidays. This is the largest group, and in all honesty the group that we most frequently baptize from.
Jehovahs witnesses- these tend to be the most educated religious group we talk to. They memorize a lot of scriptures, and their kids are very educated. Its really incredible because they are so well behaved. That being said they preach a lot and tend to want ot fight with us.
Luz del mundo-These guys just want to fight a freak ton. They believe they have their own apostle, but in all honesty I never like talking with them and avoid them as best I can. I know this may just be a missionaries heebie jeebies, but I get a really bad feeling when I talk to them. I thought I was crazy but I started talking to the other missionaries and they all say the same thing. I dont know why, but I tend to avoid them. 
Santa Muerte-These guys worship the grim reaper. They  believe you can make a deal with death whereby you sell your soul. They also have a really bad feeling. I have never heard of anyone baptizing either a santa muerte or a luz del mundo, its really really weird.
Christians/Pentecostes-Every street corner has some christian church and their beliefs are as diverse as the churches. Some just sing, others scream, others are perfectly normal and reasonable.

In all honesty one of the things that I have disliked about the missionaries is that sometimes they bash on other religious groups. I think that one of the biggest problems in the world is that people do not understand one another. When we believe in rumors or things like that about other groups, we begin to have problems, and violence is often the result. 

Here are some of the foods that I have for you when i come home.
Just fyi, masa is a corn mixture that we use to make tortillas and other things.

Empanadas-pure masa with a filling inside (such as cheese or meat) that is hten fried. REally good but one of the most unhealthy foods there are.
Enfrijoladas (enchiladas) tortillas dipped in a salsa or beans which can have cheese placed on top.
Tacos dorados-tortillas with meat inside that are then fried
Tacos al pastor-this is my new favorite food, by far the best thing ever- its a taco with specially seasoned pork, with cilantro and onion and sometimes pineapple or cheese
tamales-there are so many kinds, by changing what you wrap them in you completely change the taste
Lentiles soup- my favorite soup, lentiles with a little bit of platano macho and bacon, ham and sasauge inside
Chicken in many different ways- asado is my favorite, but I also learned how to do a really good breading for it
Carlotta-maria cookies with half cream and some kind of fruit for flavoring
Flan-if you remember that thing we tried to do in high school dad that failed, ya that
Dead bread-its just a pan for the day of the dead
Volovanes-a little kind of bread with folds and a filling
Empanadillas a baked dessert with a variety of fillings
vegitarian lasagna, filled squashes and many more. 
Point is that I am ready to go to work in the kitchen when I get home.

Hey just a question, if I were to go to work in what taylor does, what wouldI have to do?
I love you very much, i have heard nothing about the package, it might have gotten stolen, I dunno, the only thing i will need is probably a pair of running shoes they are starting to get thrashed

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 83 ~~ Update on current Ward

Hi mother, I love getting to hear from you. I am very sad to hear about the deaths in the ward, I hope that you are doing alright Mom. 

So right now I just wanted to write about this ward mom and what I have done both good and bad in the past 4 months.

Noel-I found this ex-missionary when I saw a woman cutting her lawn with a machete and I walked over and started helping her, and he saw me and said hi to me. He has reactivated, and is 1st counselor in the elders quorum

Flor-This is the mom of two convert girls of about a year. Many missionaries had gone with her, but the day I passed with her, she decided to accept us. After leaving coffee she got baptized. Although she still has a hard time because her husband asks her to make him the coffee and she is afraid to tell him no, and sometimes cannot resist.

Edgar- A young 15 year old kid who I baptized that was golden. He was honestly wonderful and it is one of my goals to help him go on a mission. His mom puts up a lot of resistance to him doing things, but we help him overcome as best as we can.

Susanna- She is the mom of a recent convert who also left coffee. The main difference is that her husband is a member who has been progressively increasing in activity. They are from a small ranch and so not super educated, but really kind and loving and growing in their testimonies.

Lorenzo and Francisca- Lorenzo is Susanna´s brother. He drank like a fish and was living out of wedlock with Francisca. We taught them and helped them to overcome. They got married, and Francisca was baptized with her son Jose. Lorenzo is getting baptized this week. 

Chona- A lady about Grandma´s age, who has very little energy and lives alone, but who we helped come back to church. She is wonderful and was sealed at a younger age, but we just need to help her to stay excited.

Martha and Bryan- A mom and her son that we reactivated. She is super powerful spiritually and will totally be able to help her family for the rest of her life to stay firm. She is one of the best candidates to be a relief society secretary right now. 

Elizabeth Evelyyn and Julia-She is Martha´s neighbor and went to Bryan´s baptism and really loved it. She felt the spirit super strong and started to receive us. She was a little hesitant and it took a lot of patience, but we have gradually come to have really a truly great relationship. She and both her daughters got baptized, and are firm covenant keepers.

Antonia and Diana- A wonderfully kind woman, she is a little chubby, we found her, reactivated her, and baptized her daughter. We are working with her to keep her firm, but she is starting to weigh a little bit.

Pita- The ex-ward secretary who we have helped to bring back with his entire family. This guy is awesome, he just likes working on Sunday...which makes it hard.

I am out of time so I will write more next week! Love you!