Monday, December 7, 2015

Week79~~~Birthday Pictures for those who didn't see them!!!

I have skipped another week, because last week was Kevin's bday and he was short on time due to trying to write back to some of the people who wrote him.  THANK YOU
For those people not on FB; here are some pictures from Kevin's 21st bday from a neighbor, and the bible covers Rick made him.  Kevin received his birthday package on his birthday!!  MIRACLE!!! 
Thank you all for your support of Elder Standridge!

I really really loved the bible covers mother, I was going to make a comment about them this week. Everyone was asking me how much dad would charge to do them for them, they wanted me to see what he could do. In all honesty mom, I think that dad could get in and get a little bit of extra work through handy work that he does for others. He has talents and it might be helpful just to search for something in addition to what he already has. Just a thought, i know its tough, but I actually really like what Doug has done with the pictures because honestly that is the way to build a business.


I really love the pictures mother, it really truly seems like Christmas there, whereas here we have just gotten some nice Christmas weather, everyone has busted out their sweaters and jackets for the 68 degree weather, ha! 

In regrds to Lauren and Kate, I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by, but I am super happy for them. It will only be a matter of time before I see you again dont worry. I hope you and the jones continue to have a great friendship!

In regards to things here I am so incredibly angrily happy. One of my converts got sealed to his wife in the temple this week, but no one told me so I didnt get to go. That is so frustrating but I am super happy for him and his family. The Gospel is true, and although I didnt get to see them get sealed, I know I will have so much happiness with them in Heaven. Mother I want you to hear my testimony of things that I am certain of. I know, without a single dobt in my mind that Heavenly Father takes care of his children. He protects them and guides them. Sometimes he mkes us live like he did with the children of israel, day by day, so that we remember him and keep humble, but he is always there. Mother I know with all of my heart and soul that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God This is the true Church on earth, and I know that this will guide us to happiness. I know mom that if we are diligent and obedient that everything will work out. We just need to listen and do what God says, he will speak to us through his prophets. I used to think that the self reliance and all of that was a little weird but I have come to know on the course of my mission that each and every single principles taught by the prophets is true, good, and the key to happiness. We just need to obey them, and then diligently follow through. Diligence is more than just doing what they tell us to, it is using our minds, our hearts, the spirit, everything at our disposal to find a solution. Mom I have no doubts about when I get back. Somehow, each and every week God has provided me with investigators for months, I have found someone that accepted the gospel to be baptized each week for a long time. I know that God will not abandon me when I get back, I know that there is nothing to fear. Yes I may have to sacrifice, work, and do many things that I dont like at first, but God will not abandon me, and one day we will have what we need mom. Do not give up. Do not lose faith. Do not get depressed, do not criticize, complain, or ever say the words I cant. You will pass the bar. You will get a job. You will do everything that you need to do, it only requires diligence, disposition, and obedience. I love you so very much, so dont worry, everything will be okay :)

PS The zone is doing well we have 3 investigators with a baptismal date progressing in every area :)

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