Monday, March 21, 2016

7 WEEKS TO GO...~~~~

Hi All ~~

I have not posted Kevin's letter's lately because they have been a little more private.  This week I am sharing what he has been up to;  Thank you for all your support as Kevin is in the last few weeks of his mission....:)  Charlene

Wow mom it made me feel good to hear all of the news this week from you, I feel like its been a while since I have had a conversation with you. I am going to send this in parts so that you can get some photos. Here is some nice photos of my area, its usually a lot uglier, but at least here you can see the sea a little bit.


I know mom, and I am happy working here as hard as I can. I know that I should stay here until the end, but it is really really hard because to be honest I am really quite tired mentally. My body is continuing, but in regards to my mind, at times I am just exhausted. That being said the area is going really well. We have 8 people with baptismal dates in church so in all honesty the mission is pretty happy with us right now. I just am nervous mom, I am in panic to just baptize every week until i finish.

In all honesty mom, I know my purpose is to help people get baptized, but that is only part. All of our job is the growth of the church. I honestly really really want it to  that being said, they have changed our jobs so that we have 5 responsibilities. find, teach, baptize, reactivate and retain. If I am doing those 5 jobs well I build up the attendance. It is so horrible to baptize and then watch them fall away, and how can I abandon those who are less actives, i dunno its just something really important to me.
In regards to school, it sounds like things are starting to work out a little more for me. I really hope that I can get a job in spite of my summer classes, i think it might be a little hard but we will see. Ahh, before I forget, mom, I do want to get several things here, I dont know if you could talk to doug or grandma or someone because for example I want to get a bean cooking pot, and a tortilla maker and I want to get my ceremonial kit here (i get a  40 percent discount as a missionary and its cheaper here in mexico) Also if anyone wants designer clothes or anything, ask around and I can bring stuff back, for example a designer pair of levis costs me about 10 bucks here. Anyways, you can wait until next month, I am going to be fine, but If you can see, it would be really nice.

I am really happy to see that Tierra Blanca is doing well, the people there are honestly wonderful. I miss that ward a lot, I honestly havent found anyone like them here in reserva. That being said, I am halfway through my time in Reserva this week, so you know, I can deal with it. I know that there will always be missionaries mom, and honestly I need to have other jobs. This week I got the chance to play bishop, a sister had her husband cheat on her for the third time and her son was sexually abused by her brother and has been going through psychological problems. It was really hard because she said that she would not talk to the bishop or stake president because they talked to their wives, and their wives couldnt keep a secret. So she came to us, and it was hard to try and help her overcome her difficulties, but I told her from the outset that I am not entitled to revelation for that and I couldnt counsel her, and its weird because as a missionary I just have a limit to how I can help in those kinds of problems. You would not believe mom some of the stories I hear and some of the help we have to give. I love being a missionary. 

Tell Veronica I miss her a ton, and will look forward to seeing her soon. I am pretty sure mom that my going home date is May 16th, I dont know. I can change it if I want to. That being said, I just worry about feeling guilty. I want to go home, but what if God needs me out here, its a really hard decision. Good luck with the job search, I will keep praying for you.

Elder Garcia and I really get along well. Its my pleasure to know someone so patient and loving to the people. That being said I really really enjoy showing him how to teach and work because honestly he can make some really great progress and be a great leader. I also had an interesting experience with a sister in my district, she broke down crying this week, and trying to comfort her was kind of difficult. Everyone tells me who has ever been in one of my districts or zone that I am super duper demanding, but that I do everything that I ask of everyone else. It is really really funny.

I love you mom a lot, things keep forward.
I just want you to know that I have a firm testimony of Jesus Christ. He lived, he died, and he was born again. He is my savior and it is thanks to him that we as people can be good. He is the source of love, hoensty and peace. I am proud to represent him as a missionary and a member of his church. I miss you, but I am happy doing what I am doing and will keep pushing forward.

Love you MOM, Kevin