Monday, December 14, 2015

WEEK 80 ~

Well mom I am really starting to get jealous with all of the Christmas stuff that is starting to come out. 

I cannot believe that I have  not even met the little tyke and he is already 6 months old. In fact I didn't even get to see Ally pregnant, that is super weird. ( This is my niece; Charlene)

I am getting progressively more excited. Veronica is taking such good care of us mom, we are really super spoiled, and I am going to miss it, but at least for this period of Christmas I am going to be super well taken care of. In regards to this week I just wanted to share some super cool experiences. We just baptized Elizabeth's two daughters, so I am super duper pumped about that because I love these two little girls. The one I baptized whose name is evelynn, she is so super duper cute, we were teaching her, and we asked like what did you learn from alma 12 to which she responded that hte spiritual death of man is seperation from god. That little girls wonderful. Besides them, there was a girls mom who we baptized, and she was wonderful as well. So that is one part of what happened this week. 

I don't want to scare you guys, but I used up at least 2 of my nine lives this week. First, we were trying to heat the water for a baptism, and apparently this boiler had a gas leak. I try lighting it, and there wasnt enough gas, so the pilot wasnt working. I then open it to full blast to see if I can get this boiler lit (by the way I am pretty sure that even though everything has a spark plug here, they never worked because I never have seen any that work). When I go to ignite it, the gas that had leaked out all around me ignited, and a boom like a gun shot knocked me back. Needless to say i lost hearing for a minute, but was luckily not even singed :). The other instance, there is a rancho here where that woman who got baptized lives. We are not allowed to go to ranchos. We were going to lose the baptism if I didnt go, so I said lets go. It was pitch black, 5 kilometers away down a path where there are no lights, and no people. I was in divisions with one of my district leaders, and he says your the boss. I still dont know whether I was brave, stupid, or just disobedient, but I said lets go. We started walking and I wanted to get us moving, so with a long stride, I pulled my companion who was slightly jogging along. As I did, I pulled a little ahead, but I hear a small scream from my companion as he runs towards me. Apparently I had walked right by a snake that was as big around as my quad. We got there and back wihtout incident, but I am pretty sure that we were being pretty darn protected this past week. we will not be going to that rancho again. BTW found out later that rancho is far enough a way that we actually enter into the next state :P whoopsies! Other than that, I am becoming a marriage expert as I am pulling out birth certificates from all over MExico :) So its pretty cool. I love you mom. Take care, I am telling you this out of confidence that you wont have a heart attack. Dont worry, I am fine :)



  1. Those prayers the ward family says for our missionaries, seems to be working. Glad elder standridge is safe. Yes, best to follow the rules. Sounds like our Elder is having great experiences and touching many lives.
    We wish you a very Merry Christmas.


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