Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 44 ~~

Hi mom, 

Well it sounds like to me that you guys are really working hard back there, its awesome how much you are working for this mpre. I actually do not know what the mpre is to tell you the truth mom. Is it like an end of year test or is it like a test to graduate from law school? I dunno.

This week I was really focusing on some less active work. It is honestly crazy mom how many people go inactive because someone does something stupid or because they do not like the bishop. Its honestly so sad how people can be driven away from their father in heaven because they do not like what someone given a certain church calling does.

 Hahaha, mom you could start running too ;) I bet you could get good at it before I got back and we could go running together. Anyways, everyone here dis activates either because they hate how someone acted, or because they didn't have a testimony of the book of Mormon. I have learned some really cool stuff though mom. Like the relief society can honestly do so much good by simply raising money. Like they can sell baked goods and all kinds of stuff. By so doing they can help out so many of its members. I also have just seen how fathers are essential to their homes. Like I can usually tell you how faithful a family is as a whole (assuming all are members) by the faithfulness of the father. That could just be in part Mexican culture. But its kind of weird. Anyways, something else super cool that I noticed this week is just how God blesses us when we try and listen to his spirit. My first week here in cosamoalapan I worked hard, like so hard I came home and just collapsed every night. This week I tried just saying God guide me and show me where to go, and I pondered and listened to the spirit so much more. The first week we had no investigators at church, this week we had 5. It just goes to show the effectiveness of doing things my way instead of the Lords. In total we brought about 10 menos activos to church and 5 investigators and the total assistance was 81 so we are working hard.
Now I am super duper pumped for general conference this week. Honestly it is incredible mom, when they speak it is as if God is speaking to us, I honestly cannot believe though how fast this conference came. I will be so close to finishing out at the next one. 
Anyways, one of the menos activos that we met this week was an ex-misisonary named Francisco. He is honestly going to be the leaven that is gonna lift this word. He´s a worker and has just fought with the bishop. Honestly I have come to realize just how important that man´s position is, and how prudent a bishop needs to be in order to be successful. Its honestly so much responsibility. 
One of the things that really popped out to me this week during my study of the book of Mormon this week was on the difference between the two different kinds of people when Jacob speaks in his book. There are those who are healed by the pleasing word of god, and there are those who need to be just shown how bad their situation is. A missionary is so much like a doctor. If a doctor cuts improperly during surgery he will kill the patient. Equally if we tell someone they are bad when they need to be comforted, or if we comfort someone when they need to be told that what they are doing is wrong, we can kill someones spiritual progress. 
Mom please tell my Grandma just how much I love her, I was just thinking about her today, and I want her to know just how special she is to me, and how excited I will be to see her when I come back. Thats all for this week mom.

Love you!

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