Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 40~~

I honestly just want to tell you just how much I love you and how proud of you i am. we are honestly running super late, so i am going to do the best I can.   I am super happy for Bishop Barrus, I know that he is doing an awesome job, what is Wayne called to now. what movie did yall go see, where are you with the shamrocks. everything should be fine, I don't ask for a lot because i honestly don't have time to use a lot there has been no leader pressure as of late, everyone is happy with me, i have a family that i love down here. Google empanadas, they are great, i designed a business plan with them that should basically pay for my college, so we will see if i can get this down. one of my converts got the melchezideck priesthood and is now elders quorum secretary, the others have gone to the temple for baptisms. I am going to be honest mom, i worry about where you will work to be a lawyer after wards, I encourage you to pray a lot, and look for guidance.  I am excited about how fast the time is moving, two more weeks left in progreso, I wonder if they will send me off as a district leader or trainer, i hope so. I am honestly working my butt off, having good success, and there is not much else to say. I love you more than I can describe mother, you have no idea how proud i am about the temple and especially the tea, i know that as you keep that commandment you will be blessed more than you know. 

A couple of notes of experience just from observing members.
1. tithing and sabbath day observance are the two most important keys to activity in the church, if we keep those two things holy everything else follows.
2. the ability to help others is based on conversion, the degree to which we read the scriptures and pray determines our conversion.
3. we know we have faith when we do things like what you did with tea, you are showing you trust that God can give your more happiness than the tea..
4. Everyone can make an excuse, but there is always a way to accomplish everything if we want to.

That last point is something that i am so thankful to you and dad for. you honestly taught me how to problem solve, you didn't always do things for me, one of your most common phrases was well Kevin problem solve. That is so true, like I've realized when we want to do something, we can do it, although it may not be easy. In regards to what i need mom, like honestly just saving money is what is most important when i get back. I think an ipad and a small cheap car are going to be vital when I get back, so don't worry so much about right now, i am honestly fine, if I really lack anything i will give you a heads up. You really learn to live on less here.

my computer honestly has the wires popping out where I would send photos, so unfortunately I think that is an impossibility right now. I will be in a different area soon, so we will see what i can do in the weeks to come.

I love you very much, I pray for you every day.


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