Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 42 - We are blessed with LOTS OF PICTURES

Kevin was not able to write everyone last week because one of the missionaries was in the hospital and was diagnosed with Crones disease.  I thought it was Kevin's companion but I was wrong.  He works with a small district of four of them, and it was one of the other missionaries.  This week he is including lots of pictures and a very broken letter in parts.  I will try to put it together so it makes sense.  Thank you for keeping Elder Standridge in your prayers!! Here is a picture of where Kevin moved from Reforma to his new area of Cosomalapan.

HI Mom,

So you will get a ton of pictures this week i promise mom.  So I have so very many things to tell you. I have been finally moved out of my old area, and am now in cosomalapan. I am going to send this email in parts so that i can keep writing you will I send pictures. 

This has elder Mckgannon when he got dengay and something published in the paper. Anyways, so my companion was not who got sick, but instead Elder Sleight. We traded out in the hospital, so I slept there for two days. Wow mom, you would not believe this member family that took care of us, it was incredible. They brought us breakfast and lunch everyday, they're the family Velazquez and you have no idea how much i grew to love the entire family. The last night before I left, we worked super hard and did them up a full meal, they were very impressed by our food making abilities ;). We had peach cobbler on pi day, and I said it was good enough. I honestly will miss them more than just about anything.

Convert stories: Rafael, the best convert I have ever had just told this story to us about how he had always had this girl that he just had the biggest crush on since elementary school, and she did a bunch of modeling for different magazines, and she never had any interest in him. Anyways, after he gets baptized she decided that suddenly she was super interested, and came to his house right before his interview to receive the Melchezideck priesthood to invite him to do something he shouldn't. He straight up turned her down, and didn't let her in the door, and I was honestly so proud of him that it was not even funny. I often wonder if I would have the strength to do something so hard.

Another story, so remember that family of Hindus that we baptized, well this past fast Sunday, the dad got up and bore a powerful testimony on the necessity of priesthood authority, and how he knew that the Mormons were the ones who had it, because he had prayed to God to know if they had it. Super cool. Also, this past week my companion and I were working hard one morning, and we decided to keep knocking doors tell we found one. 8 houses in, we find a woman who during the second lesson later explains to us, I believe everything that you are telling me because right before you knocked on my door I had been praying that God would send me someone to help me know what the truth was. Super Awesome, the gospel is true!

This shows the sunset we got to see daily, so beautiful. Anyways, a new companion for me is Elder Romero. He is going to be here with me in Cosompalapan. The new house is not as nice as the old one, and this area is a little bit hotter, but everything seems find, everyone seems nice, there is lots of fruit down here, so I am happy about that. I am just here getting excited to work. Something cool that President has asked us to do lately is to take a book of Mormon and to highlight in blue when we see something about Christ and highlight in red when we see something about the atonement. The idea is that it will help to fortify our testimonies of the book of Mormon and knowledge of the atonement. We read 2 chapters a day, and honestly it is the perfect amount! Anyways, getting down here was nuts. I took all of my luggage plus that giant package you sent me, I used the box, plus my weight (my precious as I call it) and so that was awesome. I still haven't gotten the package, which means it will be at least 2 weeks before I do, but with cambios I am happy I didn't because I really would have struggled to get it down here if not!

Anyways, in this past ward, I had a couple people that I got super close to, the Lunas, who were a family that lived right in front of the house, I really loved them, they were so nice to us. Their daughter almost got kidnapped at one point (super scary, but don't worry no missionaries get messed with, they only prey on single girls and the elderly), and also got engaged to the bishops son, but for a December wedding!!! That is not how they do things in Provo at all! Hahaha, anyways, the ward mission leader was super chill, and took us bowling and other fun stuff, and the family Velazquez who are in a ton of my fotos.

Anyways, I am super excited to hear that things are warming up and pretty soon dad will be able to go to the beach again to enjoy the water. I am also super proud of all that you are doing with law school mom, you work so hard, and I know that it will bring blessings to you and to the family. I am also super proud of Dad, he always seems to be working. So many people provide excuses not to do things, but I am very proud to have a dad that really is always finding an excuse to help and sacrifice for others. In regards to Skype, I really do not know the new ward well enough to tell you, but I would imagine so, its about a ward of 100 from what I have heard. Can you believe mom that I will be at my year mark when you talk to me next, isn't that just nuts. I love you very much, and I miss you a ton. If there is anything else you want to know or that I could help you with, let me know. These are the last fotos, one is me bowling :) Take care!



(The last photos are of Kevin's companions and the sites)

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