Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 45~

Hi mom, 
It is so very wonderful to be able to hear from you this week. I really am glad to hear that you are working hard. I know it is never easy how much you have to do, but I know that it will prepare you for what lies ahead. I really would have liked to see fast 7 with you guys, but I guess that will have to wait a year. hahaha, Can you believe how close we are getting mom! Its honestly incredible that I am going to have the chance to get to talk to you so soon.

I think my heart has changed so much about Sabbath Day Service, like I have come to realize why it is important, and what I should and should not do that day. (fyi i do not want my coming home party on a Sunday :D). It is honestly incredible how large Dakota is getting. Would you please tell my Grandmother just how much I love her, I have been thinking about her, and I really miss her right now for some reason. I really hope she is feeling okay, and I honestly cannot wait to give her a hug again here very soon.

My work is going well, I am honestly getting to see some people reactive right now, and its pretty cool. I am not baptizing a ton, but with any luck, I  know that God will guide me to do his work instead of my own. Honestly mom, I just wanted to share something with you guys. It has really touched me just how important it is to be a parent. The fundamental characteristic of God is his paternal love for his, and our purpose in this life is to grow to become like him. I think that of all the attributes I want to learn from this mission is how to be able to love those around me well enough that I can be a good Father. The capacity to love another human being so much that you would give your life for it, that is honestly what makes God our Father, and why Christ is considered our adoptive Father after we have accepted his atonement. During our mission we learn how so much, but that is something that so changes how I think of the things that I just wanted to share that with you. 

I also wanted to encourage you to read Elder Eyrings talks both the first one, and the one from the priesthood session. Honestly, we have such a duty to help the poor, and the way to do it is through fast offerings. Those offerings save lives, they helped us out so much when we needed it, and I honestly love how when we help those in need God blesses us. But even more important than that, I want you to know that my mission has really taught me how to pray. I don't think that I really knew how to before, sure I said my prayers every day and everything, but I wasn't really talking with God. President Eyring really touched me with how I can pray, and here in the mission when I have been faced with situations where I had no idea what to do, and through prayer, God saved me. It is honestly a treasure that I would be lost without.

Finally this week, the only news I want to share is about a single less active that we taught. No one had visited him in over 10 years, and he told me I surely thought someone would come for me. First off, it showed me that all of us have wayfaring seamen that are lost and need us to look for them. Second none of us can ever depend on anyone to save us financially, spiritually, or emotionally, that is the definition of self sacrifice. Thirdly it touched me about the importance of reactivation efforts because he said, during my mission I reactivated a woman right before the missionary who baptized hre came to visit. When he heard I reactivated her, he came up to me, and hugged me, and said thank you so much. I think that we all too often do not realize how much others are praying for us to help other people, and we do not realize how valuable a soul is, until we come to truly love someone for who they are. 

I could talk all day about General conference like with president Uchtdorf or Holland, but mainly I just want to say that I love my savior. He rescues us, and gives us the chance to come home to our Father. I don't care so much about what I DO in my mission, if I have become who my father wants me to be.
I love you so very much (the mission has the packet but its about 3 hours away from me) and I pray for you and dad daily. Fast for someone else this weekend, it will be a great blessing, pray for someone who you want to know the Gospel, and then do everything you can to share it with them. Ask Heavenly Father who he has prepared for the gospel, and then listen to what he answers. I know that if you do, you will find a new light in your life, and you will find happiness you have never known. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see someone truly accept this gospel, I wish that everyone could just feel that feeling when you have helped someone to know the atonement and what it does. My mission is not easy, but I know why I am here, and I am so grateful for all of the sacrifices you and Dad have made so that I can be here. You are truly wonderful parents.


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