Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 43 - New Area

Kevin is answering my multitude of questions, so the letter is a little choppy, I hope you are able to follow!!!.  Thank you for reading!!

Hi mom!

Well so far there is no package here, and I wont get it I don't think until at least the start of April because that is when zone conference is going to be. Well I will pray for your success on the MPRE, I know that you will do great mom, you honestly have been working so hard. It makes me happy to hear about how you've been doing. How goes the scripture study, what have you gotten to read lately?

I find it a little funny that they are doing a thanks for Brother Jones, not because he doesn't deserve it, just because its well you know, about 3 years after he served in the bishopric. BTW, can you believe that he got released 3 years ago!!! Wow, I still remember it!

Wow mom, can you believe how fast that happened, it feels to me like Meg just barely got home at Christmas and is already engaged, It makes me feel like you get home from your mission, get released, pick up a wife in freshman biology and stop by the ER to pick up your first kid, it just all happens so incredibly fast I cannot believe it anymore.

Its really interesting mom that you mentioned that about the strength of every member because my new area is way different from my last one, I am in a city that I can actually walk the whole thing (it takes me about an hour from one side to the other but I can do it) so I mean its a lot smaller. Anyways, I am  a little sad because the members are a lot weaker in terms of their testimonies compared to how people were in my previous ward. I mean I could ask someone to do something in that ward, and I had a 50% chance of getting it done. I asked the Elders quorum President this week to the guy who just got baptized (btw I baptized two people this week) so that he knew someone at church and he started throwing up a bunch of excuses like I don't know where he lives (mind you he lives with the relief society president) and stuff like that, so I really need to help the people to fortify their individual testimonies of the book of Mormon.

You know mom that Jeremy gave that talk really interests me. There are so many different talks and books that I want to read that previously I simply didn't get the chance to. It would be so interesting to read some of the journals and thoughts of the early saints. Hey by the way, how goes the family history work? Have you ever gotten a chance to put in some family stories, or update it more than I already had? I dunno, I just don't want to lose all of those stories while we still have contact with our family.

Anyways, as far as my week went, all I can say was that it was hot, there were like no investigators or anything when I got here other than 2 that got baptized this week. That being said, we had the hardest working week of my mission, really it was just a pure effort on our part, so I am feeling really good about myself in regards to that. 

The new house is not as nice (or clean) as the old one, but we live with members which is nice, and I mean its in a cool spot, plus my companion gets right up and runs with me in the mornings which is great and so I am enjoying all of that. Its super cool because the most helpful members here in the ward are a pair of converts from Elder Bennett, which just makes me think to myself, wow how I hope to go back to some of my old areas and see people different like that, like honestly I love how many peoples lives I get to see changed out here. 

Anyways, I love you lots mom, I miss you so very much. I want you to know how much I love being out here on the mission and serving. Its not easy by any means, but I get the chance to learn and grow so much, and I know that one day soon I will get to see you guys again. 

Love, Kevin

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