Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 61 - Kevin's sounds AWESOME!!!

Hi mom,

 I am feeling fantibulastic, there is nothing going wrong here, and I am really enjoying life right now. I really love my mission mom. I just want you to know what a wonderfully great decision this was. How so very happy I ma to be here and to be doing this. Wow, I thought about going home, that would have been the worst decision of my life. I am sacrificing so much, but at the same time, as the hymn says, sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. I just was thinking about how much I love this place, and how much I love the people here. They are so kind one to another. They have so much good inside. All of the problems here are only a result of a corrupt political system and a lack of good education. The people as a group are good and kind and help one another so much. I mention this because have realized how much the Lord blesses us and guides us this week. 

I have a new companion named Elder Le Fevre, and wow the guy is nearly my twin (we like all the same things, same jokes etc). We get a long great, he likes to work, is obedient, and is super competent. He and I get along great and I cannot wait to hear how well he does on for the rest of the mission. Its so weird because he is such a better planner than I am, but he only has 4 months total in the mission. He is honestly super intelligent and knows way more than I do about working out, so I am trying to learn from him while we are together here. Anyways, this week we had like a miracle week, somehow, someway, we found 15 new investigators, and had 9 people in church. He honestly made all the difference here, its great. One of the biggest secrets is to just talk to everyone about the gospel, and you eventually get people who accept you in their homes and want to continue learning.

Mother I can imagine how stressful your job is, I really truly do understand, its very much like what we are doing down here, and I know that its so hard for you to take, especially with law school. Just keep going a little longer, take a deep breath, speak out loud to God, and I know he will listen and help you. Its not easy, but I really know that you can do it mom, you just have to hold out for a little longer, when I get home, everything will get better. We are in this together, and I know that God will help you to overcome what you need to. 

In regards to the party for Meg, that was incredibly nice of you to organize that mom, wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe you should go into party planning as your career! Hahaha, anyways, I am super happy for Meg and Kevin, but I find it so weird that they are getting married, I never saw that coming. No more rash or anything, its just that during this time of the year there is a ton of dengue and other things that are just super annoying and a little dangerous, but once I make it through august things cool off, the really heavy rains come, and so there wont be near as many mosquitos. I want you to know how much I love you and how much I miss you both, hold on, its just 1 pregnancy in duration to go!
Kevin Standridge

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