Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 62

Hi dad, well I really am super glad to hear about you getting to go to the beach, I hope that you enjoy it while it lasts in these months, I am super jealous, and would be super tempted to go swimming in the giant river here, but there are whirlpools that kill be annually, so I am gonna avoid that. Its really cool Dad, I just really wanted to sharewhy I love my mission so much, the miracles that are here and what has happened here with 3 families in our ward and the changes that have been brought to their lives.

Veronica and Anselmo-We found them as we were going around looking for less actives. He joined the church as a teenager and was active until he was in his 30´s, but has been less active for more than 10 years. He and his wife had had massive problems for years, and were on the point of separating when we found them. We got there by accident, and taught them for several weeks. Over the course of teaching them their marriage improved significantly and their problems have stopped for the most part. They got married while we were teaching them, and Veronica and their daughter Paola got baptized. Anselmo is probably gonna be the Elders Quorum President here in the next couple of weeks and they're super happy.

Francisco and Francisca-Their son Uriel was a less active 15 year old that actually got baptized by one of my zone leaders when I first got here. We went in, taught Uriel, and Francisco came with him to church. It was incredible because he didn't seem to have any problems and we just taught him the Gospel, nothing more nothing less. He apparently had been fighting constantly with his wife and their son had started going out with a really bad group of kids. Apparently over the course of us teaching him, all the problems stopped, and Uriel wants to be a missionary. Currently we are teaching Francisca, and its incredible because she is accepting the Gospel super well. 

Juan and Estella- Juan was from a Mormon Family that had gotten baptized quite a while ago. He was really active when he lived in Ciudad Juarez and was the wards secretary. There Estella got baptized. Since they moved to Cosamaloapan, they had dis-activated and had stopped going to church. We had found Estella´s brother, who as  a coincidence had gotten baptized while they were in ciudad Juarez. From there we began to teach Juan and Estella and we baptized their 9 year old son Juan Ramon. What we didn't know was that they were at the point of separation their marital problems were so bad. They have not only solved the marital problems but are paying tithing, despite the fact that Estella quit her job to go to church (suddenly as soon as they payed tithing they got the idea to sell burritos, a food not sold here in Veracruz that sold like nuts) and Juan will soon be the ward secretary, we are also teaching his nephew Kevin.

Dad there are miracles here around every corner. I get to see people change their lives and love them so very much. My mission blesses me, and the Lord takes a lot of care of me. One day after going through a fast the woman who was supposed to give us lunch canceled. Being Sunday, we couldn't buy food, so we just said well lets get to work. We went over to see Juan and Estella, and incredibly there they had 10 volovanes for my companion and I. I know that as a missionary I get the luck to serve the Lord. Since being here I have seen too many miracles to believe otherwise. I miss you lots, I hope you take care, and will see you soon.


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