Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 59

Hi mom,

I hope that you are really doing well, please send my regards to Jennifer, I hope she is doing well, she looks super far along. This week was certainly interesting mom, but let me just say that I really enjoyed the work this week. I got to visit so many of my less active brothers and sisters, and really was given the opportunity to help so many people overcome difficulties. Although just so you know, right now we have rainy season, which here in cosamaloapan sucks really bad. Not only did we get rained on everyday, but also, when it rains the sewers overflow and sewage comes up into the streets. One day this got so bad that the streets literally had rivers halfway up my shin filled with poopy water. Needless to say we still keep working even when that occurs. So there was one day where we had an appointment at 6, where we ran 6 blocks crossing these small poop filled rivers (mind you I never felt more like jean val jean in my life) to get to a house, only to find that the person was not there.Sometimes I have moments like that, and a natural question is, why God. Why do we work so hard to not have anyone there. I think the answer is that my mission is not principally for other people, but instead for me. God wants me to grow up and become the man that I have the potential to be, so he puts a ton of literally crappy obstacles (sorry I couldn't resist) to help us grow.

This week was also pretty stressful for me, because well one of the companionships in my district had 7 baptisms planned for this week, and only 1 ended up getting baptized for a ton of reasons.But needless to say this week was super stressful and I almost spent more time there working in their area than in my own. Its really funny because the one who got baptized I had gone and talked to about 2 weeks ago, and she didnt want to, but since then she has had some pretty tough times, and it really humbled her. I think God really will humble us if we are not willing to humble ourselves. But at the same time it is so hard to be truly humble and loving.

I am really happy mom to hear about your relief society event. That sounds super duper awesome, it has been so long since I have had good american ice cream. Definitely will be on my list when I get back. It is so cool to hear you have this calling. I know from personal experience that if we really work in our callings, the Lord truly helps us to develop new talents and pays us for our work. I really am glad to hear that Dad has been going to hte beach, that is scary about the rip tides, please please be careful both of you. Anyways, Changes should be on Sunday, I could stay I could go, I dunno, but I am happy with whatever. I love you lots, keep up the good work, almost there!

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