Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 60 - 2 pictures!

We had a scare this week that Kevin might have DENGUE FEVER, thankfully he does not have it, So here is what happened, here in mexico there is a bunch of rain right now, and the rain runs off the tops of houses. Well that water is super icky and dried on my skin because I have to keep working. Needless to say my skin got something called salpullido which burned like heck when I touched the sun. So anyways, its gone now   He got medicine and he is doing well now.  Please continue to keep Elder Standridge in your prayers.  Thank you.  Charlene

So this week we had interviews with president, Elder Fidencio has just gone away to the Tuxtlas in catemaco, its known to be a witch town. That he and I in the first picture. The other one is the one of Shelby Beattys friend and I getting up for a 6 am run (my idea). It was great, I enjoyed it a ton (you decide if you want to send that photo or not :P)

 Anyways, this week in my interview with president he said he was sending me like a golden missionary that I am supposed to train up to be a district leader so I am pumped about that. Then I asked him a question about what to do if a leader gave me bad council. He used the example of the husband of bethsaida (the woman david cheated with) how david sent him in the army up to be killed by enemy soldiers, and said how he did the right thing and would enter into his exaltation for following. He said we just need to be obedient without thinking about what will happen. The Lord will recompensate for any apparent losses that we have. That actually really touched me, and I realized that I could improve my obedience some more, and maybe be more diligent. I was talking today without that missionary there in the photo, hes going to byu too (it was 6 am, normally he doesn't look so tired) and maybe someone to share a dorm with. Anyways, I hope all is well, I love you lots, not too much new news (oh btw, I am teaching like two sets of clones of you two right now, there sons were converted by their girlfriends and they are just leaving on missions, and so they are investigating and getting super close right now). Take Care!


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