Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 46~~

Hi Mom,

I really am sorry to hear about how much you've been struggling and have been stressed with your work as of late. I know how it is to really feel like someone is breathing down your back, and to feel like you cannot do everything that you need to. Always remember mom, that this life is meant to be filled with trials. Many times we may pray and not get what we ask for. Why? Because God is a perfect Father, and sometimes our desires are the spiritual equivalent of asking for ice cream for dinner. Sometimes we need to struggle and stress and fight because that is what will change us from who we currently are into who God knows we can be. Keep fighting mom, be diligent, remember that part of faith is action. A good way to structure prayers is to always say what you are going to do to fix your own problem. Then ask for counsel, ask that solutions will come into your mind and that he will help you to know how to work more efficiently. Perhaps ask on whether certain studying tactics or techniques are what you should do. Also remember that our personal diligence and obedience will determine how much God answers. Why? because he is a perfect father, and sometimes our behavior is so poor that to give us what we ask for would simply be rewarding bad behavior. The more blessings we want, the more we have to work to keep the commandments. I know its stressful, but something that has always helped me is to keep my mind centered on a very eternal perspective. You and I must struggle in our respective areas for more or less one more year, but we have all of eternity to enjoy the blessings that God has prepared for us. Remember always that the consequence of sin is misery, it does not matter what excuse we try and put, when we sin, we are unhappy, always. I love you very much, and know how hard you are working. Remember that every Sunday you have the right to partake of the sacrament and if you go with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, you can feel the peace and joy that comes from having guilt wiped away.

It really has nothing to do with the offices mom, they did not get the package until I got down here to Tuxtpec, which was less than a month ago. You have to understand that while I am in the city of Veracruz, I will get my stuff quickly, while I am outside of the city, I will get it slowly. Speaking of which, I have about 60 (i am guessing) vitamins, so when you send off the next package please throw another bottle in, those are really expensive down here.

It makes me happy to hear about the rest of the family, especially to hear grandma is doing water aerobics (as in iron man, when I get home i will say I want 3 things, an american cheese burger, to be released, and to go to a gym, cheese burger first). I cannot believe  that I have missed all of Ally's pregnancy, that is incredible, I hope she is doing well, and that the baby is born healthy. It makes me a little sad that no one in the family has written me, I mean grandma I understand, but I have been out for nearly a year, and not a single letter from a single family member other than Kristy and David (who i love to death btw)...just  a little sad sometimes.

Mother I would send you some pictures, but the unfortunate thing is that I  have done absolutely nothing fun. So there are no pictures, Elder Romero and I have been working really hard, and PDay is please do not interrupt my nap day. So really I could send you some pictures of our small apartment, or the dog, but more than that I don't have much right now.

Speaking of the dog, so we live with members, and this week, they decided to let the dog out for a while (Mexican dogs are all over the streets and you never know the strays from the owned ones, but the strays usually have a ton of diseases and are pretty nasty). Well this dog, which has the same body fat percentage as sparky (Same eating habits too, Elder Romero likes to show her a chip and just watch her drool before eating it himself), decided to follow us for literally 30 minutes walking, it was so dead that we had to call our neighbors to come pick it up, which when they did (no one has a car here) they had to pull it by the ear to keep it from following us. 

Something made me super sad this week mom, we had been working with this less active, he is an RM and everything. I cannot give him a scripture he has not already heard, and he knows he is not okay and that he is condemning himself, but he just wont change the behavior. It honestly is so frustrating, we have invited him, and done a bunch of stuff, even passed by to bring him to church (he showed interest and promised to go) but wont help himself. I never understood any of the people like Thomas B Marsh or Oliver Cowdry until I met this man. Sometimes we just see other peoples small errors as so large that we forget that we made our covenants between ourselves and God and no one else are involved in them. 

This week was also super depressing because of Carnival. The Spanish word for flesh is carne, so you need to understand that a carnival is a festival of flesh, so it means a lot of alcohol, and a lot of very dirty things in the streets the next day. The worst part was that everyone, even most of the actives decided to go to carnival instead of church. It honestly made me so sad, we were working really hard this week, but honestly, this one thing killed us. That being said, we had 7 investigators at church, and one ex missionary menos activo (who is getting ready to come back to activity) so I cannot complain too much. 

Anyways, this week we are going to have a meet the Mormons showing in the next town over, and we are going to make an apple pie, which should be awesome. I realized how tough my mouth and body had become when I ate a raw chipaya pepper and it was hot but I wasnt suffering. I honestly need to make some salsa for you guys when we get back (guacamole is a type of salsa btw). Anyways, I will never ever eat chicken again when I come back home, you do not understand to what degree we are fed chicken, literally 6 times a week minimum. I love some of the different ways they do it, but in this town specifically its a little nuts. 

Anyways, I love you very much mom, I miss you and pray for both you and Dad every day. I know its not easy, but one day I promise you, you will be recompensed for your work. If you need any help with any kind of accounting or anything, send it off to me, and I will take care of it for you, its the least I can do.
Love you!

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