Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 63

Hi mother, believe you m, I know exactly what you mean about teaching the young guys. Sometimes they get distracted really easily, and one really has to help them to focus. The thing is at that age though, they learn even if they don't seem like it. There are seminary teachers who have busy work schedules, and prepare a lesson everyday with kids who bring pillows and blankets to their class. Sometimes I worry that those poor seminary teachers might feel like their efforts are in vain, but in all honesty, they don't realize the effects that they can have on some people. 

I honestly have realized that I have such a hard time with you kids out here. There are several little kids that are always screaming and disrupting lessons, and sometimes it just makes me feel super helpless. Like I wonder what I will do someday because honestly my companion right now is totally good with little kids and can get them to be quiet and things like that, but I dunno, I wonder if because I never had any little brothers or sisters and never had to deal with that, if it just makes me like really bad with it. Regardless, at least the mission has taught me that neither baby sitting nor elementary school teaching are my callings in life.
Something that has really touched me this week is the importance of the worth of a soul. This week I get invited to the zone leader conference (I'm still a district leader, but he wanted me there for whatever reason) and I got the opportunity to realize how dumb I am. Honestly President Cordova makes me feel super unintelligent by comparison. First off he taught us about how we need to really teach the restoration in the first lessons with people. Some people yelled out about what about the needs of the people. Then he said tell me needs, and every need he related perfectly to the restoration and explained why the person needed to know that more than anything else. Next he has really been helping us to become better teachers. Its honestly great and I have realized how bad of a teacher I was in college in the elders quorum and really want to improve that for when I get back. The more I think about it, the more I have realized that I would be happy spending the rest of my life working in a classroom, its really something I enjoy (my classroom will be have air conditioning because if I have to keep teaching in this kind of heat I am not going to be a happy camper). Finally he played a talk for us by Elder Christofferson that talked to us about how much is a soul worth to God. Each one of us is a spirit child of him and has the potential to become like him. For God, our worth is the potential to become like god. There are not ordinary people. No one is just plain or unavailable. To God, everyone around us has the potential to become like him,but unfortunately so many of us live below that potential. IT made me super grateful to my Father in Heaven and really helped me to care about those around me. As I walked down the street I realized that all the people I didn't talk to, I was allowing them to not achieve this potential, and it really made me want to work harder here.

Oh by the way, the fotos are first, imitating President and his stereotypical looking over the glasses and pointing.
Second and third are of a baptism of a young man named Eric. His older Brother just was forced to come home early from his mission for dignity reasons. Honestly Mom, I have so much respect for the people who are brave enough to admit that they have sinned and come home from their mission. There is so much pressure, what will ones parents think, what will ones friends think, but at the same time one feels incredibly guilty. Its so hard, and I have a ton of respect for hi older Brother. Anyways, luckily or unluckily, because he came home from his mission, his older brother was able to be at his brothers baptism. It was great and honestly I really really enjoyed it. 



I love you both lots, and you will be in my prayers, take care, I know you will find a job soon, and I hope you enjoy life their in California, see you soon.

Elder Kevin Standridge

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