Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 57

Hello mother, I am glad to hear that you are doing so good, it is honestly incredible to me that Porter is now home and that Adam is leaving on his mission, it seems like time just keeps flying by, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I hope that all is going well with law school, and that you really are getting the success that you so very much want. It is always wonderful to me mother that you are chasing what has always been your dream. I know that you sacrificed it so long ago, and I hope that now you are getting it back. I really understand the need for a vacation, all of the ward members were telling me that I looked really exhausted. We have been working hard and had the chance to see some miracles this week. Id like to share a couple.

1. We have been teaching this couple that needs to get married, and they had been trying to get married all week, and so my companion and I decided that we would fast to help them, ending the fast we went with them, and (they gave us a piece of chocoflan which by the way is something I need to learn to make) told us they didn't want to get married. Someone had been sending her messages that he was cheating on her. So we had to try and talk to them, and help them out. Luckily we set up an interview with the bishop that night for him. We didn't hear anything for a little while so in the meantime we did another fast (at which point I was really suffering) and at the end of our fast, the hermano walked up to us and said they had changed their mind and were now going to get married. IT made me so very happy, and was one of the first times that I really gained a testimony of the principle of fasting.

2. That being said as we went to end said fast, I called the hermana to tell her we would be like 10 minutes late, and she said whoops elders i forgot i was feeding you and have nothing so sorry I cant give you anything. So my companion and I were like well might as well go to work, and at the next house we went to, the less active said hey I have some volovanes left over, and gave us literally 10 volovanes (that is a lot). It just really strengthened my testimony that the lord takes care of his servants and is aware of, and loves us. 

3. We have also had some problems with our active members going less active, its a little like trying to cup water with your hands here, the more you grab, the more that just slip through your fingers. So we came up with an idea with the ward mission leader, to have 10 families that will fellowship 10 others, with the goal that they go to church and progress in the gospel. I honestly was really happy with how the program was received and it made me super happy. 

4. The best of news! I thought that I would never ever be able to go to the temple during my mission (we normally only go when families we baptized get sealed), but President was so happy with the less active work here in Cosamaloapan, that he has given us permission to go the 25th of july with less actives that are taking out their endowments!

5. If you have never tried mondongo, you really should, its cows stomach, had that this week, surprisingly good in soup. That being said, I think I prefer fried utter, which is actually super super tsty, just really fatty (we cannot play games, sports, or any activities, the nongospel highlights of my week nearly always involve food).

6. I just wanted to share a funny moment we have had here in our ward. We have one less active who, I will just be honest is a little bit of a clown, we went in to teach his son, and during the lesson he begins shouting tell that boy that he needs to get rid of the spirit of the chamuco of coffee! HE then later proceeds to give us directions to other less actives, and says when you go with them tell them that Orlando rojas sent you and that he is in charge of the bok of life of cosamaloapan and that he had an accident and they should come visit him. I was laughing my head off, but he was perfectly serious.

Love you mom,

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