Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 56~~

Well mom just fyi, I did the math on about how long for children, and your still gonna have to wait at least 3 years so don't get too excited ;) I really want to see Nancy and grandma, I miss them both a ton, but I guess I can settle for photos :)

In regards to this week I am gonna change how I write this.

1. Veronica bore her testimony this week and is super ready to get baptized, as soon as she gets married to her boyfriend who is a member (we are marrying them this week) he will be super chill and with a calling. Now we just need to help her 11 year old daughter to listen to us and she will get baptized too!

2. Juan Ramon and Francisco are now confirmed members wooh hoo, I thought about the spiritual experiences I have had on my mission, and I realized that here in Cosamaloapan, I have had 4 more or less lessons where I cannot repeat the words I said, I cannot repeat the spirit, but in those moments the spirit touched these people and they have reactivated completely. So that has been incredible, because this week two of the people with whom we have had those lessons came to me asking how to pay their tithing. Two more spent all day organizing a mission activity on Sunday and I am honestly amazed and know that those are blessings from Father in Heaven.

3. My companion is awesome and I love him, its so nice to be able to confide in someone else to share the load of the work, because I have had companions where I shoulder all of it, and its super stressful. He´s only got 4 months but can honestly teach super well, and I can tell him to visit someone and he does it without problem.

4.I also have discovered the gossip is poison. There are people who gossip a ton here about us or in between each other, and a lot of it is pure lies, and it honestly causes so many people to lose their salvation, I honestly will never ever gossip again. 

5. Happy happy anniversary to my parents, I love you so very much, I cannot believe it, and happy fathers day to my dad, I honestly love you so much, and treasure so much all that you have done for me. 


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