Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 54~~~~

Hi All - If anyone has answers to Kevin's question about what is going on in the world, feel free to write him....I know about law school!!!  LOL

Hi mom, well congratulations again on the 50th, its really something incredible, you look incredibly young and vibrant, and it makes me so happy to see all of the love that these women have for you. Truly its so wonderful. Here in Cosamoalapan, one of the main difficulties of the ward is the gossip and lack of fellowshipping. So it makes me incredibly happy to see how close you have grown with these women, and simply the way that you all treat one another. You are all wonderful daughters of our Father in Heaven, and have really kept the commandment to love one another. 

Hey did you guys get to see the avengers 2, how was it, and is Vin Diesel vision. Next, did you see the new star wars trailer, I heard the trailer was out, I really wish I could see it. I wan to go see it in a discount theater when I get home. How are things shaping up for the 2016 elections, do we have any major republican candidates yet. Could you guys give me an update on the most recent federal reserve monetary policy. Whats going on in Afghanistan, Libia, Israel, and the Koreas. How are Brazil and China´s economies looking. Has the eurozone turned around yet? sorry, lots of questions, this week was elections here in Mexico. I am honestly so grateful for the American political process, we do not have the best men for the job, but at the very least you or I mom could enter into politics, here the political parties choose the candidates, so they really don't have much of an option of who runs and who doesn't, so no one likes any candidate. Anyways, with that said, one of the men we have reactivated backed the main candidate who won here, so he was super happy, and gets special positions for doing that. Its a totally different way of doing things here. That said, people were so unhappy that there have been riots in oaxaca, don't worry, my town is totally calm, but others no tanto. So anyways, thats kind of the update on the physical stuff.

Spiritual lessons for the week.
So things I have learned, this week, the promise in moroni 10:3-5 is more focused on the teachings of the book of mormon than on the book itself. Find any principle, we will take that god helps us to grow stronger if we are humble for example. Read it, ponder about it, then pray and ask God if it is a true principle. As we do this, every signal principle there in the book naturally feels right, and through that we come to know that the book of mormon is true through its fruits.
Second: The most difficult part of my nature that I need to overcome is selfishness. By nature, I recognize that my desires are mainly for my own benefit, and for the recognition of others. ITs something I have always fought with, and it is the number one thing I want to conquer before the ned of my mission.
The people are the same, no one new, but they all keep progressing. We did find 2 or 3 families that had just been forgotten about, that live within 4 blocks of the chappel. I think about the lost sheep, so many people would just forget the lost sheep, but the fundamental aspect of Christ is that he remembered the lost sheep and went for it. We must do the same. Thats all mom (for time), love you lots!


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