Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 49 ~

Hi mom, 
I am thinking like 4 or 5 my time for skyping, but honestly I didn't plan it yet, and I don't know what phone calls I will have to make to leaders, so we shall see. It will be 40 minutes on Sunday. Church takes priority over the phone call so dont come home early okay!

Mom this has honestly been one of the most stressful weeks of my mission. This new assignment as a leader really makes me work so very much harder, and I am trying my absolute hardest. Its hard, and I don't know really how to help the people in my district. Its really a blessing here in the mission because the moment I get comfortable, the moment I feel like I know how to handle the job that I am currently doing, God seems to give me new challenges. I had a moment this week of ultimate stress, when I prayed, and during the prayer I didn't feel comforted or helped, but after I finished, got into bed, an overwhelming sense of peace washed over me as I realized that all that I was struggling with was for my own good and would one day help me when I encounter life's stresses.

Ah, so the experience of the week has been helping a companionship. One companionship`in my district has not brought anyone to church for nearly 12 weeks (that is very very bad). They cant find anyone new to teach, and they have tried everything that I can think of. Meanwhile I in my own area have been having problems with finding new people to teach. As I studied in preach my gospel, I found a section that said our spiritual power depends on the revelation we receive. For some reason, as I read that, I realized the need to find revelation for myself and the members of the district. Then a scripture came to my mind, that said we must seek learning by study and faith. That is the key, to revelation, that is how Joseph smith was called and got almost the whole D&C. I know mom that sometimes we have problems we don't know how to solve, but as we seek revelation through study and faith we will have the  power to overcome the problems we have. Something I have realized is that I have to have a sense of urgency during my work. I have to remember what is at stake every minute. Also, I realized that sometimes we are given commandments and we don't always understand why. A commandment we have is to talk to everyone we can, for example in the street. Which I had never understood because almost no one invites a stranger off the street to their house. But something I read in a talk this week  

I love my new companion, he just finished his training but he is already a pretty good teacher, it is honestly pretty cool to be with him. I honestly love you so much mother, you are wonderful, every night, I want you to know how much I thank God to have you as my mother, I honestly am so grateful that I cannot describe it. Please just keep working. Do everything right, go to church, pay tithing, keep the word of wisdom, study the scriptures. I know how hard your life is right now. I know how difficult it is. But like President Uchtdorf said during conference, God is pouring down blessings and the only thing that stops them from reaching us is disobedience. Right now, I can tell you need blessings, please, no matter how tired you are, no matter how stressful it gets, don't stop the blessings when you need them most. Sometimes we don't see when our problems will end, but we just have to have faith that our problems are for our good. I cant wait to see you next week mom, I love you lots! 


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