Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 51~~

Hey mom, I dont know if I ever shared this with you mom, I had a really spiritual experience at the start of my mission. I was really hurting, really sad, an wantedto go home, and I wanted to go home. My companion, who I still think was the hardest companion I have had up until this point, gave me a blessing, and I just felt so very comforted. Those hands in that moment did not belong to him, but to God. The priesthood gives us the ability to act in the place of Jesus Christ because he cannot be here at this time. ITs awesome, and it has brought me so much comfort. 

I honestly had an experience that made me convinced to become a vegetarian after I finish this mission. Oe day, a member cooked this feast of pork, chicken, and beef. While delicious it was greasy. It was fine at first, I didnt eat too much or anything, but about 30 minutes later, I was sweating a ton, and felt sick. Within an hour I was throwing up, and my companion was sick, even the host called us to ask how we were doing because she was sick. There was nothing wrong with the meat because it was gone within the day, it was just eating meat on a hot day. The next day, the member cooked pure vegetables with just a little bit of shredded chicken and a ton of fruit. It honestly made me feel so much better physically. I am not saying if someone cooks me meat I wont eat it (I am not a sae the animals kind of God) but the word of wisdom states we should eat but very little meats, which I think is counsel I will follow. Also check out D&C it says that we should got bed early so we dont get tired and get up early so we get invigorated. Its so true. I think another thing I am going to do different is I am going to keep getting up at 6 or 630 everyday when I am done, and I am done with staying up until 3, its just unnecessary and dumb.

Thank you guys for all that you do for me, I am so grateful that you are doing so much for me with the card and package and everything. Please keep grandma safe, and call the missionaries there to give her a priesthood blessing. Both of us know how much comfort a blessing of counsel can bring, I know that blessings of healing really work because I have seen how much they help the people here.

If i ask president there is no chance, if you call and ask him, maybe, so go ahead and give it a shot if you would like. You probably wont talk to him, because his english is not great, but he should give you an answer. 

When I got here in Cosamoalapan mom, the assistance was 75 pretty consistently, and the ward was honestly dying. This past week it had gotten up to 100. It honestly makes me incredibly grateful for the chance to be here. So many peoples lives are being changed, and those who are active members are really growing in their testimony. Its great mom, I am loving this transfer. One thing that I have learned here is one of the secrets of prayer. First we have to give gratitude, then we have to ask for the attribute that we wish to develop to be able to accomplish what we are praying for, then we promise what we are going to do ensure that the prayer is answered, and then, and only then, do we ask for Heavenly Father to do what we want done. For example if I were to want help with my school work. I would thank Heavenly FAther for my gifts and my opportunity to learn, then I would ask for increased diligence and desire to learn, I would then promise what changes I would make in my life to get better grades, and then, and only then, I would ask heavenly father to help me to have knowledge brought to my mind, strength to endure, etc. I also need to avoid asking things that Christ wouldn't ask for, the scriptures say that is sin, so like in this example I shouldn't ask please make the final easy, or please make sure the curve is really low, or something like that. I really have noticed that when we pray in faith like that, God more readily gives answers to our prayers, because they are prayers of faith. Faith is nothing more nor less, than the willingness to act on what is given to us from God, so the promise to act is extremely important. (we hope that we will get something if we do an action, because we know we are true).

I love you very much mom, today is my halfway point ( you now may tell people its my halfway point if you have not already done so), but 11 more days until a year. I hope everything goes well, I will be praying for you guys. Take care!

Love Kevin

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