Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18th Letter ~~~ 30 days (for my reference only) LOL

Tell Veronica that yes I do get the packages and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the brownies, I felt loved! :) Definitely, but please send her a message telling her that Sunday´s are the best times to find me, I never know when I will be during the week, but whatever Sunday from 10-2 she can find me in the chapel from Reserva in avenida Tarimoya; I cant respond to her, the rules don't let me, and while it really really tempts me, I know that I am not allowed to and so I am super sorry!

Woah, I honestly cannot believe how much things have changed since I have gotten here. Its incredible to think that Taylor is getting married, and that Kevin and Meg are going to have a kid. It is just incredible how much things seem to change in just 2 short years. It makes me really wonder where everyone will be in a year. At the very least no one from my year is married yet, that is going to give me a shock when that happens.

This week mom I really just wanted to talk to you about the things that happened to me this week. So first I want to talk about a stake president who is simply incredible, he honestly showed me how a man should be a good leader. His name is president Cavallero (which means both knight and gentleman in Spanish and both are an apt description) Last Sunday he came and helped me out with a convert, I had brought her to an interview for a temple recommend, and the bishop just laid into her and was really rude and mean, so I took a really deep breath when I heard and called the stake president and just asked for his help. It was incredible because he calls and interview with her and brings my companion and I there. He looks at my companion and asks Elder Standridge can I teach your companion something, and I was a little shocked, and said sure have at it, and he says thank you, then pointed out to the convert what he did. He said I was in charge of capacitating Elder Garcia therefore he asked me permission first, and he said to the convert, sister there is always an order, and we have to respect those who preside, because in the end he who presides will be responsible before God for what happens. This got my attention, because it was a wonderful example of teaching by example. I had honestly been beating my head against a brick wall with the ward council (gosh i miss newbury park, wonderful bishops all of them and everyone does their callings) This past Sunday he comes in and says Elder Standridge come here we are going to see what we can do, and he grabs a priest and says, hey you are going to stay with Elder Garcia, you are not to let any girls within 1 meter, because that is what you are going to do as a missionary, you stay with him, you are responsible for him, understood? and then pulled together the counsel. Wow it was just incredible to me this style of teaching. He goes in, and organizes the ward counsel incredibly. It was funny because he showed in 10 minutes how to prepare a sacrament meeting agenda using the ward counsel, it was incredible, but I just felt so grateful. He also gave a talk on Sunday and it was funny because he animated all of us to just talk to those who didn't go on Sunday and to tell them how much they missed them. I am so grateful for the wonderful leaders that Heavenly Father has permitted me to get to know here in the mission, its just wonderful :)

I wanted to actually talk to you about my converts here and my investigators:

1.Omar-he´s a 9 year old, we reactivated his mom, and it was really funny, this kid would not pray, would not study nothing, and I was beating my head against a brick wall trying to get him to learn and accept getting baptized, and I have a belief that Heavenly Father has mercy on us when we buy bananas, because whenever I go buy bananas, good things happen. So I decided right before a lesson to get a kilo for breakfast, and I saw a sign for minirocos, they're like a cookie thing for a peso each (that is about a dime mom) so I got 5 and said, okay, today we are going to learn, and suddenly he got super attentive and started learning, and then he came to church, loved primary, and honestly it was super cool because the kid changed a ton, by just gaining trust with minirocos.

2.Memo-this one I feel super guilty about, he repented really well..I thought, butthe day of his confirmation he gave into temptation and drank, and hasnt come back since, he had changed a lot, but the world ate him up.

3Limon-this woman had gone 10 years to church without getting baptized, but the sad part is now that she finally got baptized, she is alone, because her kids dont want anything with church, its sad, just teaches us to not procrastinate the day of our repentace. I love this woman though, she is honestly one of the frimest converts I have been able to see in the church, I love hera lot, she is so nice.

4&5.Concepcion and aldo. This woman and her grandson got baptized, they were from paredesufrir (a bunch of brazilians that just want money), andit was awesome to get to see the change in them. Her son Aldo is gay, and we hope he will get baptized this week, he has gone 9 weeks without a boyfriend, it is honestly incredible

Besides Aldo we have 2 families of 4, one is Martin, all I can say is that he is golden, like honestly golden, he has 2 weeks investigating and has a rock solid testimony, and will bring his family along. The other is ray, he i great, he cant read, but he is ready to get baptized, he just needs a good lesson to help him get excited! I love him to death, but I dont know how to help him! Anyways, I will tell more later. Love you mom



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