Monday, April 11, 2016

35 Days and counting!!!!


I am so very happy to hear that you are working so very hard and that things are going back at home. I really am happy to hear about Leann graduating from college.   I really would like to go up to Fresno, I want to see everyone, and see how they are doing. I also really would like to drive a car for a little while so that will be cool.


 I am honestly so incredibly shocked by the difference in the living conditions between where we live and the people here. A standard salary for the men in my area is 10 dollars a day for 12 hours. a really fantastic salary here would be about 10,000 dollars a year, with that, someone would be living like a king. It is really really amazing the charity and kindness of the people here. I feel so grateful for where I was born and the conditions in which I was born. I love you mother, and all that you did for me. The scripture says that Christ loved little children, and I understand that because they don't understand, nevertheless, the kids here are so often a bunch of brats, honestly if you met some of the kids, its incredible how horrible a 6 year old can be if the parents do things wrong. I then thought what did you two do different. I paused for a moment because I never remember you guys studying for tests with me, and you never did my homework for me, so why did I not fail school. I suddenly remembered when you would sit and read harry potter with me, or play pokemon with me. I remember going to hometown buffet, playing with light sabers and reading the three billy goats gruff. So often they say that love is spelled t-i-m-e. I think that is truly the case with parents, so many parents here just leave their kids to do whatever they want and do not give them any rules. I am so thankful for how you took care of me and raised me because if I realized one thing about families its that they are so very easy to break if one does not do things correctly. Selfishness is the spiritual equivalent of arsenic for our families.

Love Elder Standridge

Daniella, a new convert, she has had the hardest life of anyone I have ever met.
This is how the gafette starts and how it ends.
More converts, Concepcion and Aldito, hopefully Papa Aldo gets baptized here before I go, he has to wait a little while more. 

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