Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 69~~

Hi mother its wonderful to hear from you! I love hearing your stories. Wow, those sisters are really different from how the elders are. I will be honest, if anyone in my zone helped out as much as those sisters did I would not be a happy camper. Its weird because they are always talking with us about the importance of making progress, of ensuring that our wards grow and that kind of thing. Its honestly so different in US missions, they are all about getting service done! Hahaha, that is actually super funny that the misión president did that. I honestly had that moment to when I realized how grateful I needed to be for what they were giving me, because I did a super tough fast one day and honestly it changed my perspective completely.

Wow mom, I forget sometimes just how far you have come in the church, to me, it is wonderful to hear that you are able to go in and do initiatories and endowment sessions, I honestly cannot believe that! When I get back, here is the order of how I want things to go. Sushi, reléase, run, gym, massage, nap. (Those are the material things I miss most) Its so cool to hear that Dad helped clean the church, that is an activity that is almost impossible over here. I honestly love Dad, its incredible to me all of the service that he gives, I don't know how he does that.  Hey if Wayne Baldwin is the employment specialist, who are the counselors.

As far as the weather goes, things are actually significantly cooler, its been in the low 90s in these days :P People have actually been able to take the bags of chips out of the freezer (during the summer the bags would melt on to the chips). I have actually become so accustomed to being wet from my own sweat it feels weird to be dry. Just FYI none of these clothes will be usable when I get done, the shirts are gradually turning yellow, the pants are changing colors, the shoes are dying, but everything will hold out until the end.

As far as my week, it went significantly better. We had 19 investigators progressing, which for 7 companionship's is not great but it is at the very least acceptable. I felt good because I did a fast this week so that people would come to church, and we passed by for everyone, and o the 12 people who said they would go did not. That made me think well what can I do and I was super disappointed. Literally as the sacrament trays went around like everyone got to church, and we had 7 investigators. IT made me feel a lot better! Hey mom, I have always wanted some advice from you on this. What have you done to stay with dad for all of these years. I remember when I was Little several heavy fights, specifically, I remember hiding upstairs and you like hit him with your purse and he broke the purse. But as I got older there weren't those kinds of conflicts. Here I face a society in which people beat each other regularly. Marriage has become more of a tax convenience than a social institution, and children are often left parent-less, beaten regularly, and face huge obstacles. All of that being said, how did you two do all of that, what made you two different than everyone here.

As far as things are going here, tomorrow we have conference with president so I am excited. I love you, and treasure your letters.

Love you, Kevin

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