Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 38~~

Hi Mom,

 I am glad to hear that things are going good back home, I honestly find it awesome how much work you are doing back there at the house, it honestly maks me super happy to know that everything is going well. It looks like so much fun, but its so hard, i cannot imagine being at home right now, this is where I need to be. I love this place and this ward mother. These people are good and the relief society really wants to help other people. The relief society presidents daughter almost got kidnapped this weekend on the street corner by their house, and still went in and visited all of the new converts in the ward. They all love one another mom, and it is wonderful. 

I have seen wonderful examples of service and selfless out here. My watch broke, my ward mission leader looked at me, took the watch off his wrist and said here, take mine, I have another. I really wish mom that I could be selfless and loving like so many others. I find that all too often I am more focused on what I want and what would make me happy, that I become selfish and forget others and what they want, and paradoxically lose my own happiness. I love getting to see how well things took off out there in the relief society, its so great to see how successful your activities are. It makes me even more excited to hear about the temple. Two more weeks, that is awesome, now you just need to baptize dad and we can get sealed ;)

As far as my relationship with my leaders go, my district leader Elder Bennet is awesome and has kept the heat off me for a while. The in-actives are honestly just stupid mom, like they don't want to do anything to get a testimony and put 10 billion excuses why they cannot do things instead of honestly solving their problems. Finding the lords chosen people is what needs to be done, but it is true that I do not have a magic wand that makes them appear out of nowhere.

Its incredible that Taylor is already done, but the sweet thing is mom, is that Lauren hits her halfway point this week, 3 more months until we talk again, and 3 more months until my halfway, and from there it flies by :)

This week was honestly awesome, there were multiple instances when things happened that I honestly cannot explain. All of my plans would fail, and Id be left to contact, and I found that all of my plans had failed because the lord wanted me to go with one specific person. I also noticed how I have so often put my own will and my own desire over the will of the lord, I honestly had a week of huge growth and felt like I had my mind enlightened this week. I really have been pondering more and more on the example of Christ. He suffered more than anyone else, why? So he could become like his Father and understand us perfectly. We too must suffer to become like him, and that is okay, because he is the source of true happiness. I love my Father, and know that if I trust in God and his spirit he will guide me. 

It is interesting because this week is carnaval, which means that it is the festival of flesh in the centro, so there is a lot of very very bad stuff going on. Despite that, God still works, guides us, and shows us how to love. I love God mom, I want you to know that. I love my savior, and something I never knew before, I love other people. People are good and do there best, and although their bodies make them lazy, in their spirits they want to do right, because they are children of our Father. Stay safe mom, keep up the hard work, I will keep you always in my prayers and in my heart, happy valentines day, stay strong.


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