Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 36 - WE GOT PICTURES!!!

Kevin has not had time to write multiple letters lately, so here is the letter he wrote to Rick and I.  He has included some pictures that have been on his camera for awhile!! :)

This is Kevin and his first companion.  Boy he looks different now!  The next one is Kevin's current companion and Kevin says he is getting chewed out.  The next picture is of what Kevin eats for dinner.

Wow mom, it honestly sounds to me like you are doing an incredible job with your school work, you are staying on top of everything, working hard at work, and moving right along, I am super duper proud of you and all you do. I really will be looking at law when I come back, it honestly depends on how things go with my studies, but it would def be something that I would be interested in. I don't know how the insurance is, and I can deal with out it if you cannot get it, but an inhaler could really be useful if you could find it, like I get it if you cant, but just one of those things. Dad is an amazing man, at 65 years old he is incredibly strong and active, and I super proud that he is my father, I really would do anything to be able to spend time with both of you, and my appreciation for both of you has grown a lot while being out here. 
This week was a little bit of less success in terms of people. We basically baptized everyone we were teaching, and although we have been searching like madmen for new investigators, no one that we have found has really been progressing and keeping their commitments so it is frustrating in that way. At the same time, I really cannot complain about the work sometimes. I listen to other missionaries and they say things like oh we taught 3 lessons this week. I would get chewed the heck out of me if I taught 3 lessons in one day, if I taught 3 in a week and I was not on my death bed I am pretty sure they would send me home. Then I see photos of other missionaries houses and I am like wow and I felt like my house was nice. So I think every mission has their trials and things that are nice about them, but that is not what matters, a bad bed or really spicy food, those things are not what matter, instead it is how hard we are working to follow  what the spirit tells us to do, and how much we love everyone around us. Its honestly super cool because this week we are going to go to a talk by the area president. I really hope that I can learn something cool from him that will help in my area. All of that said, I really realized this week helping people to understand what is not okay. An ex-missionary was talking to me after going with us to a lesson and I honestly could not get the guys need, he told me we all need to feel the freedom from the guilt that comes from sin. Even if we do not realize it, we all have a guilt that is inside us for what we have done wrong, and through the atonement, repentance, and then baptism, we can become free from that guilt. It honestly really touched me because I realized I need to help people to understand that their behavior is not okay, and that they have to overcome that through repentance, not because I am looking for baptisms or anything like that, but instead because I know how much better they will feel if they repent, and how much happier their lives will be.
                                                         Cheering for the Patriots still.....

                                                                    District Progreso
I honestly love you both so much, I am working hard, week by week, little by little, as an email from Jen said to me, you just finished your first trimester just like me. Its happening little by little guys, this month, Lauren and Kate hit their halfway points, I miss you guys,  but I know that I could do nothing better for the family than be here right now.
I love you guys,

                               The baptism's that Kevin did this week; Alankra, Lakshmi, Daniel and Rafael
Kevin with his Companion Elder McGannon

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