Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 34 ~ Another Letter to Rick and I that I am sharing :)

Hi Mom and Dad, so today I am super super super hurried because I got back from an activity in the centro with my district, so I am running really late and will try my best to write you as I am able. So in regards to souvenir's and stuff like that, today I got a new belt, which I really needed,a new wallet which was even more needed, and a Mexican style shirt, which I think is pretty darn sweet. It sounds to me like you guys are super busy with your different things and that you are just working along on law school. I don't know if you can believe this mom, but I will be turning 8 months this week, that means that I am a third of the way there, I know it may not seem like much, but poco a poco. Unfortunately in one more month Lauren is halfway done! Can you believe how fast the time flies, you must admit for how big of a deal it is to serve a mission, it really is not that terribly painful in terms of time. I love how cool it is that you are moving along and soon are going to graduate. I must admit that there are so many things that I have seen really help to fortify the faith of people that just really I did not appreciate before. The reading and praying daily individually and as a family, the family home evening, and especially, the sabbath day observance are honestly so essential. I don't know if you have a nearby family that you can go with mom, but honestly a family home evening really is just an essential opportunity for each of us that I am going to appreciate so much more after my mission than I did before. 

I honestly cannot believe how crazy it is with what they are doing out there with all of the elders, it sounds like they are helping out a ton with you and dad, which makes me really happy because I am sure that it is helping to keep you guys safe and happy. I don't know if you got to read that article that I sent you dad, I just kind of wanted to hear what you thought, I really thought it was pretty cool and interesting. Oh it sounds like with all that Amgen was doing that people are really starting to get layed off and having to move to other places to find work for what they need to do. That must really suck for them to have to do. At the same time, its pretty chill that people are getting so lucky with finding work in different places (although the people who are moving are people who recently moved into the ward, not long time newbury parkers). Well at least we know when Bish will be released, I honestly love knowing that he will be a mission president, but I am honestly curious to see what type he will be. Here in Mexico each president is either a strict, a loving, or a baptizer. It will be interesting to see which Bishop Jaggi will be.

The others that you will search for mom are going to be able to be found on byu´s website. Terry B. Ball is a professor of ancient scripture, Professor Kay Stice is a professor of accounting, and I really wanted to just thank them because they taught me so much. I honestly love seeing pictures of the two of you guys, you look so very happy. I honestly am doing great in my mission right now, we are searching for and finding people, and then we are seeing people move along and change their lives. Someone who is more of a golden investigator than I was, and makes me laugh, a young boy, and a family are all going to get baptized this week, and so that honestly is such an amazing week to me, it makes me super happy. I love the haircut and the restaurant. Just found out this week that I am weighing in at 155 now, woohoo, down 30 pounds ;P no need to be concerned I weighed that much senior year.

I know there are going to be a lot of changes in the ward mom, but honestly, there will be friends now all over the us, and when we go to Utah, and honestly you never know what could happen, it is quite possible that some day that we could all move out to Utah. I honestly have just gotten so much more appreciation for lawyers out here mom, all of the problems in Mexico would be fixed if people could just sue others for doing stupid things. Although you and I would probably never practice together because I would be doing a completely different kind of law, namely either corporate finance law, or some form of tax law, still, I think it would be interesting. It would mean I have 6 more years before I start working in a career, but you know I honestly love school so that is not too bad. Anyways, I love my mission, I love my companion. I love you both very much, stay safe, eat healthy, get out and walk together, I worry about your guys´ health. If you need anything just let me know.

Oh ps. Funny story my companion got dengue this week and was interned in the hospital all week, I wanted to shoot myself. I am fine though. miss you guys tons, take care.


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