Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 33 ~~

Hi All,
Kevin did not have time to write a group email this week, so I am sharing my personal letter he sent.  I don't think there is anything in there too personal.  If there is don't tell him I shared...LOL

Hi mom and Dad, I really hope that you are enjoying everything that is going on back home, it honestly is no surprise to me that Bishop has been called as a mission president. I was wondering if you could send me the emails of several people. First him, Second Terry B Ball of BYU, and third Earl K. Stice of BYU, I really would like to write them about some stuff from the mission. I am eating quite well, not a ton, I just have switched to eating a ton of vegetables, which is making me a lot healthier in that way, but don't worry about that. In regards to me being senior companion, all it means is that I am responsible if something goes wrong, and I have to really just try hand love the other guy a lot more. 

That said, I really am working hard out here, and God has really just decided to bless us with some different people to work with, and I honestly cannot believe how amazing it is. I have been trying my best, but I didn't do anything special, but God decided that this week my companion and I would have 8 investigators and church and the other elders would have 5 people in church. Honestly, I did not deserve that, but God blessed me with that, it made me really happy. That said, I am working with some crazy people. There is a family that believes that Jesus when he was 15 went to India and was the demon slaying mountain lifting krsna, needless to say I do not know what to do with that, or how to contradict that with scripture. I also have really come to realize what Mexico is, it is a country run by teenagers, like literally. All of the food is something a teenager would think up, they do not have nice streets or anything, not because they don't have the resources, but because everyone is too lazy.

 I also have really started growing in a desire to look at a law degree in addition to going into accounting. I have come to realize how important lawyers are down here. I met a young man this week that fell 15 meters shattering his back, only because the company had poor safety standards. In the us that company would be sued until they were blue in the face and everyone would have higher safety standards. So maybe I will look at that when I come back. I also really have grown in a desire to learn about American history. Mexicans love their history, and find it super interesting (here is an interesting article attached that was written by an apostle that you should definitely read dad). I have also really learned that the little things in life are what determine our happiness. Like my relationship with my companion depends entirely on how much I am willing to let the little things that they do that annoy me just slide off my back. Like Elder Mcgannon is always late, I am never late, that could be something that I let irritate me, but if I choose not to, I am so much happier. Hahaha, we honestly have found someone who wants to be a missionary, and I just love the guy to death, he is golden, and has absolutely no problems.

In regards to needs, I have definitely plenty of peanut butter and power bars and razor blades and shaving cream, those I have more than plenty. Nuts I might run out of before too long, I still have about half a bag and the jar you just sent. In regards to soap, I do not need shampoo, but some more soap if you could would be great. Smoked salmon sounds delicious, and I would love some, but I do not know if it costs too much, if it doesn't, then definitely that would be great. And if you are sending that stuff off, could you ask someone to send a couple of dry lux bottoms for garments, size 34 (they don't sell them here). IF there is anything else, I will let you know next week. I love you both a ton, and miss you lots. I am working hard, I really have nothing else to say, so I am probably gonna email people back instead of a group email.Dad, take care, use the elders, protect yourself. I miss you lots.

Elder Standridge

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