Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 31 - pictures and Christmas!

Well Merry Christmas Everyone!

I love Christmas, its just the best time of the year, but this year it just came and went so fast, I honestly cannot believe how quickly time flies when you are working. And Speaking of work, boy have I been working my butt off this holiday season. There was no rest, no break for Christmas, we could have an hour dinner, and a 40 minute phone call and it was back to work. As an added bonus, we have had like no investigators so we have been doing a ton of door knocking, which during Christmas time is about as fun as eating under cooked chicken. I actually was going around singing hymns this Christmas trying to get in the door, and everyone was saying go away its cold (if it gets under 70 here, everyone busts out sweaters and prepares for a small blizzard), so there were a lot of doors slammed in our faces on Christmas and Christmas Eve. That said, it all paid off because we got to see a couple of people who I never would have expected go to Church. A young boy named Daniel and his dad are investigating, and it was awesome because even though the Dad is Jehovah´s witness (the group that is known as more closed minded here in Mexico) he has listened to us and Daniel went to church Sunday. We also found like a golden family that really looks like they are going to progress very nicely, they invited us on Christmas eve to come in and give a lesson to the whole family, and it was honestly one of the most spiritual moments of my mission because the father had just lost his brother and his mother was there, so it really impacted them. I also just had one of those moments were I looked up and went woah, because I just barely got the conference magazine, but I looked at the date, and realized that we are halfway to the next general conference already, whoopsies. Well anyways, I love you all so much, Mexico is great, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Elder Standridge


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