Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 30 - Christmas Eve Call in 2 days!!!

Feliz Navidad a todos!!!!!
I hope that you are all enjoying your Christmas preparations and time with your families, I honestly cannot believe that fall semester up at BYU has ended, it just makes me realize that little by little things are passing by every week. Anyways, I am loving my time down here in Veracruz with my new companion Elder Bennett, hes honestly super chill, and we are like best friends, so I have a feeling that I am really going to enjoy this transfer. We have honestly been working super hard because we don't have a lot of investigators. From here on out, I have learned that finding new people to teach has to be part of every day, like it cannot be teaching for a week, finding for a week, if we want to have a constant stream of investigators we have to find constantly. That said, we also have to visit regularly those who are really showing progress and keeping their commitments. As he and I really started working on that, we started to see progressively more and more progress in our area.
As far as how things are going, I will give a warning, never ever ever eat undercooked chicken, just don't do that, it does not matter if it is rude, it does not matter if it is cruel, it is not worth it later. My companion got a stomach infection, which I luckily escaped, but it just was not fun. All of that said, I love my area, and am just enjoying myself a ton. Not a whole lot of new stuff to say here, love you all lots.

Elder Standridge

Here is  a little blurb of what Kevin told me about what he is teaching.  I asked why his mission was so focused on baptizing and not acknowledging the work with inactive members.  Here is his response.

We have been working hard down here, and the zone leaders told us president was really paying attention to our area, and so that made me feel really good about how I am doing out here. I dont understand the question, our purpose is what is called the doctrine of christ, faith repentance baptism receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end. My job is to help people to understand who is Jesus Christ and what the consequences are if they choose to not follow him. I need to make sure that the people get involved and have friends in the church, but I am not here to help people join the church or to get involved in the programs, but instead to help them accept Christ, and the way we do that is baptism (that is what a baptism is to put it simply, accepting the atonement of christ, if we do not accept it, we do not accept his sacrifice, that is why it is so important). Now that said, I would never baptize someone who didnt believe joseph smith was a prophet or who was drinking or something like that. Yes my mission is hard, yes I have to work, yes one day this week I felt like everything on my inside wanted to be on my outside, but I really do enjoy getting to help people to make progress and to change their lives, and its really worth it.

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