Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 12

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Cambios here in the Tuxtlas!!!!

So this week was pretty darn awesome, we contacted nearly every single menos activo in the rama (there are nearly 250). We found some people on that list who had been dead for nearly 15 years, and we like went up to their kids and asked if they were there (that was not the most comfortabel encounter). We have some prospects for Baptism that are looking really strong this cambio, so I`m really looking forward to that. Unfortunately, this week elder Killpack is dying, so I will be receiving a new companioon (his name is Elder spinoza, and I know nothing about him). Oh, so this week we have found some pretty darn cool bugs here. we found a spider literally the same size as my hand and spins a yellow web, which I find awesome. Also, we found something I call an alacraña. The word for scorpion is alacran, andthe word for spider is araña, and there are these extremely poisonous bugs with the body of a spider and tail of a scorpion which is cool. I happened to find a scorpion in my clothes, which I found awesome, although I about scared a small mexican lady to death as I began shouting in English while washing my clothes. Anyways, now isthe end of my training, so from this point on, I am completely responsible for how my mission goes. I feel like I know what I am doing, I know how to navigate an area, teach, all that good stuff, but today I really just wanted to make a list of things I wished I had known before I left, given so many are leaving this cambio. 

 1. No one knows the language if they are not native, its okay, they learn.
2. You have to really want to be here and be happy that you are here, if not, 
you are going to have a miserable time (just read the fourth missionary talk, I really found it helpful and inspiring)
3. Your companion is like a temporary spouse, so you have to get along, and you should remember that you need their agreeement to do everything, so don`t lone wolf it.
4. Just cuz your trainer is a trainer does not mean he knows everything or is perfect, they will make mistakes, be really stressed, and break rules too.
5. Your mission President is perfect and does know everything. When I say everyting, I mean he knows if you got up 2 minutes late this morning kind of everything, and he makes inspired calls. 
6. Humility is fundamental to happiness, period.
7. If you are going outside the Us, learn to fumigate your house using a spray can of raid (close all the windows but a very small one, and then spray it everywhere before you leave, and you will not find any cockroaches for a couple months).
8. Learn to wash clothes by hand, if serving outside of the US.
9. All those scripture mastery scriptures, ya, you might want to know those, like really well.
10. Jump ropes will keep you skinny and in shape. (if you do not excercise, you will come back with a potbelly)
11. If you eat too much Mexican food, you start looking more and more Mexican (your hair stars turning brown, things like that).
12. Preach my Gospel has the answer to every question, you just have to study it long enough. 
13. Just because you wake up happy in the morning, does not mean the rest of the world does, in fact he vast majority of the world wakes up about as happy as ifthey had just walked through a rainstorm and stepped on a thumbtack. 
 I love you all lots, and I pray for all of you, hasta luego!
Elder Standridge

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