Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 11 ~~ WE GOT PICTURES!!!!

) ¡¡¡¡¡¡Buenas tardes!!!!! This week has been one of my absolute favorites of the mission so far, it was just so much fun, and I am really enjoying my time down here in Santiago. Some interesting stories to start. So that guy who drinks like a fish was a priority this week because he was one of the few who came to church, and so we decided to visit with him a ton. Well anyways at the end of the week we go to pick him up, and he`s sitting there and tells us he hasn't been drinking (he has the bottle in his hand and refuses to put it down) I was really tempted to hit it out of his hand, but I didn't. I`ve discovered also this week that I have a really big pet peeve against machistas, it just really irks me for some reason. We were teaching this one family and the mom got an answer (wow some words really just down sound the same in English) that it was true, but the Dad really likes the Jehovah´s witnesses. So the dad told us if we wanted to come by and talk to him we could, but that we were not allowed to speak with his wife. I was pretty irked about that, and occasionally we will really chastise people (only if it will improve the situation), and I was tempted to, but I knew it wouldn't help so I just let it go. Next interesting moment was with a pf in our area. We had been working with him, but so are the Jehovah´s witnesses (for some reason they are popular down here in Santiago), anyways, he had been unsure about the answer that he got from the spirit. So we gave what I felt was one of the most spiritual lessons I've given, and then prayed with him, and he said that he saw a picture in his mind, then proceeded to describe 3 Nephi 11 to me before having read it. So the spirit was basically just slapping this kid across the face bautizate, bautizate, but he then told me he wasn't sure if that was a response; we tried to show him that both were, but he didn´t believe us. Oh well, I really wanted to help him, so that was sad. There was also a drunk that we met who I think we will go visit. I only mention him, because this guy really touched my heart, he like walks up to us and talks to us, and says that he drinks because his wife yells at him and beats him, and no one says that they love him, and thats why he bought a ton of milk for his grandkids because when they get stuff they hug him and tell him that they love him. I just wanted to give the poor guy a hug. Needless to say we will be going back with him later.

Interestingly this week, I really realized the importance of how humble each of us are about what we have and who we are. The most fundamentally defining characteristic of humility is that it is not competitive. In mission words, that means that we do not strive to be a trainer or a district leader or and asistente o nada, we only try to do our best to do our job, and then serve those around us, but we should never covet any position. This applies at home too. Why in the world should we want to be humble? Who could possibly love a competitor the way that they need to love another person. A lack of humility leads to anger, frustration, and sadness. Whether or not you believe in the Gospel, humility is one of the most important virtues that we can have. You know one of the greatest philosophical problems that we have is how do we put value judgements on things, it really is a problem, because if we say that God does it, then God could just change it if he wanted too, which means that there is really nothing about the thing that makes it good or bad. If we say that there is something inherent about doing something, like for example murder that is wrong, well then what is it. (this is Elder Standridge doctrine which means its probably wrong) I honestly think that the commandments and rules and value judgements that we are given from God might perhaps lack this inherent quality of good or bad, but may just be what brings God happiness. For example God finds the feeling he gets when he is not angry pleasing. Because we are Gods children we also find the emotion we call happiness pleasing. God has just given us commandments to help us learn what will make us happy, so that we do not get trapped by a dumb decision. But in all honesty, it does not matter one bit if I am right or wrong. I know I am happier when I keep the commandments, and that is all there is to it, what other reason do I need. We can sit and meditate about complicated doctrine and ideas all day, but how much better our time can be spent thinking about how to help someone else to go to church, or to make a covenant with God. Another interesting thing I found in the scriptures this week is that patience is fundamental to developing hope. D &C teaches us that we cannot develop hope without patience because we must be willing to wait however long we need to to receive the Lord`s blesssings in order to actually have hope. We should also remember that hope is one of the big 3 we all need to develop to return home to father. 

Anyways, we have been really focusing on menos activos here, and that means that we do a lot of helping people to work with Family history work. The temple and missionary work are the same work really, in the mission we are helping people to accept saving ordinances, just like people do in temple work. When people begin working on family history and temple work, their hearts really do turn to their ancestors, and they are really more converted to the gospel because of it. I am really trying my best to take care of the people down here, but trying to convey to them how much the gospel will change their lives is hard, they just dont believe me. But I guess, at the end of the day, I know how important this work is, and I will keep sharing that until someone believes me. I love you all lots, you are in my thoughts and my prayers always. 

Elder Standridge
P.s. I really do like hearing from news back home so keep sending me your emails, I love getting them and will try and respond as best I can

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