Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 87 - Skipped a week; Registered Kevin for Summer term at BYU

Hi mother, well things are really really going interestingly here. 

First off I really really love the package that you sent me, those ties were absolutely perfect! It had ties, sweedish fish, chocolate, and a shirt! I know that you can do this mom, I am so very proud of all that you have been doing, and I am very happy to hear how much you have been studying. 


Second, I am not really going to mention much of Elder Patiño because he already has gone to orizaba, but i just got a new companion, he is from pachuco by mexico city. He just got here from Mexico city and his suitcase still has not gotten here. They accidentally sent it to oxaca, dont you just love that transport system! Anyways, President decided to give me a superstar because I know when there is a good missionary here with me when I see one. He is humble, smart, and confident, and speaks some English. My goal is that he is the district leader here when I go. hahaha, 

mom, I love you so much, but there is absolutely no way in the world that Cordova would ever let me watch your graduation. I wanted to give you some hope, but there is just no way. In regards to the work that would be perfect, I would love to get in whatever place where they give me a good wage. I am willing and ready to work hard when I get back, I honestly am enjoying it. In regards to selling pesticides here I know its a viable option, my career path is going to require me to do internships the summers. It is going to be tough, but I am going to have to work a lot this year, I am also going to do that sales like veronica because there is no downside really. I think I might be able to pull home enough to make the rent through those sales and then I think that I could make enough for all other expenses through work, at least that is my plan for now. I need to develop a little better plan to find what I am going to do my junior year, but I need to see what kind of job I am going to have. 

Mother, In regards to the financial difficulties I feel very grateful for them currently. I know that you losing your job seems like a bad thing, but I dont think so. It has given you the time that you have needed to study. I know that it is not easy, but I am very grateful and see the Lords hand in our situation. In regards to you, I know that you will have a lot of success as a lawyer and have a lot of faith in your abilities to leave from all of this. In the next 2 or 3 months, I know that the Lord will not leave you alone. 

Mom my area is doing much better in terms of outwards success, I am turning into a mini lawyer here, I am having to do all kinds of legal stuff. Right now I am changing a birth certificate in cancun so a woman can get married and get baptized. I know I am going to do well, and I know that the lord will bless me here with the kid. I cannot believe how fast time has passed, but its awesome! :) I miss you lots



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