Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 75~ 6 MONTHS LEFT!!! (but who is counting)

Hi mom, 
I am really quite happy to hear how much you are studying. I hope that you will really be able to use this time to study what you need to understand to be able to pass this bar. I know you are capable of doing this so keep it up. It makes me a little sad that I will not be there to see the Christmas scene, but that being said I am enjoying the cooler weather here, it has actually gotten into the 70´s. I think that the link that you sent me should be just fine, I have already picked out a house where I will be able to talk to you on a television! With any luck this should be the last time I talk to you, but I don't want to think about that, I enjoy my mission so much, and I am going to miss getting to have spiritual experiences daily. President Jordan told me that later in my mission I would realize that it was something normal to have spiritual experiences, to the fact that I didnt even notice it, and in truth I have come to realize that is so very true.

 What have you been doing in your calling right now, any cool activities. My companion and I came up with a pretty cool activity, we are doing a dessert contest. Every sister in the stake is invited to bring a dessert and investigators or members to try them. With any luck, everyone should be able to enjoy it. 

(Here, Kevin is talking about Anika Busby and her amazing times she did on her Marathon last week).  Mother you need to understand just how impressive that is. That is not just fast, that is exceptionally fast, especially for a girl, especially for her age. At no point in my fitness could I have done that!

Things keep on moving here mom, honestly its pretty cool because the investigators keep progressing, but I have been honestly more concerned with the missionaries in these days. The thing is, I am not just worried about how I progress, but I also want to help my missionaries to progress. They're like my kids, and I have to protect and help them as they keep moving. I really have learned to love each of them in their own way. Its funny really because they frustrate me when they do stupid things (believe you me all sunday, all i heard was one foolishness after another, but I care about them a lot so gaah!

I really enjoy working, but today I have 6 months left, I am pretty sure of how the changes will go from here on out, I have never trained so I think they are going to put me to do that here once I finish in Tierra Blanca, and I will finish training. Boy Time Flies when you are having fun! Love you lots, take care!

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